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  1. I can understand it A team loading up with young talent, possible gifts and offers of advice and coaching from Coffey, and Gretzky. A party invite from Paulina ? the possibilities are endless.
  2. Ca'nt wait to see his droopy moustache face after Burrows steals one from him and buries it.
  3. Who would score higher on an IQ test, Don Cherry or Archie Bunker ?
  4. I like Pat Quinn.
  5. If your still friends with Clutch, tell him he has 6400 messages Would love to see how feels about being burrowed on this board!
  6. One cool Cat !!!
  7. Ballard could easily fit him into Bieksa's bag. I say we give him a try: . But seriously, can the guy make it to 180. If so he could be a great one. Would be a great acquisition where's his current ranking?
  8. Need's to add 30-40 lbs. of muscle, before he can be a top centre.
  9. Plus he's a Swede. They all have great character. Think Canuck's. Not only that , but think about the food! yum...Swedish food rock's! love to meet the cook, I mean wife.
  10. This is an intentional losing streak, that AV has formulated to lull the oppsition to sleep for the Playoff's, when we lace up and hit them with the element of surprise, one by one on a march to carry the Cup. Brilliant !