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  1. What a fantastic weekend, seeing Wigan beat City, City being told they will have to pay more for there council house and the best possible send off for SAF. My first game sat in the statford End. Will never be forgotten.
  2. Moyes is a fantastic replacement. SAF is not going to be sitting back, he will be having an input and Moyes will listen to him unlike alot of managers.
  3. well that was a game and a half. I have never seen barca play that bad.
  4. If English newspapers are to believe, a number of united sponsors have come together to help finance a move for Ronaldo, with hernandaz and going to a number of club and shrek going to france. Morecambe-------- could be worse, he could be a chity fan.
  5. oblivion 9/10 well worth paying to see
  6. An all German final playing at the home of English football. That would be an epic game to be at.
  7. Summer is nearly here and it is looking to be a fantastic one for music. Going to be skint come October. The 1975s Bastille Everything Everything qotsa iron maiden killswitch engage daft punk children of bodem and a lot more. exited.
  8. Not surprised you do not support Bolton, As a kid i would see United one weekend then Bolton the other(joys of having family that support both)used to have more fun watching Salford reds on a sunday than Bolton.