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  1. C0medyClub is that you?

  2. Overshadowed by 17 or so other players cowering in fear. Sedins led the way in that category.
  3. hi there how's it going.:)

  4. Which brings me back to my original post on this page..
  5. He was wrong then, and he's wrong with just about everything when it comes to Bieksa whether it be predictions or analyzing his play. I have full confidence I know more and that he will once again be proven wrong.
  6. If you guys stopped responding to Canucklion he would cease to exist. Notice how every single time he makes an absurd post with false facts and gross exaggerations you guys always respond? That's how he's managed to survive for 426 pages and you idiots will continue to fuel him. He's wrong, he's well aware of that, he doesn't actually believe the pile of puke he posts weekly in this thread but he does it because he's a troll and loves getting a response from you guys. So, again, stop responding to him altogether and he will cease to exist. The number one rule for eliminating trolls.
  7. I do. I fast forward the games. I never use to watch the games but I found they were unrealistic in comparison to watching them for whatever reason. Shot totals would be lopsided. Unrealistic scores etc. It seems to be much more even when watching.
  8. So we can get into relationships? I'm going to look for an NPC with the biggest knockers and make her mine.
  9. Pirating ruined the development of better future EHM's. Game development was originally my plan for the future but I decided to part ways. I would have taken the game now and added on to it. I would have done it for free and for mine and everyone elses love of the game.
  10. Damn. Apparently this is 335lbs. It makes you respect GSP's strength and explosiveness.
  11. Faber on hgh or some other legal substance? That or some secret training regiment that all UFC fights seem to possess. We're basically the same stature but he looks just as big as if not bigger. The only difference is I weigh about 185lbs and minus the shoulder veins bulging out.
  12. Bench press isn't key though for someone like him. It would be more effective on a defenseman who is constantly pushing players out of the way. You use those muscles much more. Of course your chest muscles are big so it helps add overall weight by developing them more but it's not something you necessarily need to develop big time.
  13. Okay. I assumed he was already retired in the game. It's been so long since I first played