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  1. The most heart breaking thing about the loss last night, was Lack's reaction. HOW DARE Torts leave him in for that. Rookie goalie, trying to make the best of a lost season, just look at him in the interview. No goalie should ever be put through that...It ruined Lu in game 3 against Boston, and it's gonna ruin Lack. That was a terrible way to treat the guy who's been thrown into the #1 position. PATHETIC coaching job there Torts, and normally I'm on your side...
  2. Thanks for letting me know, I was not aware that if you google said phrase exactly as it is in my sig, you get a bunch of results that say, "No silly, Japan bombed Pearl Harbor." That should be your clue as to why my sig says what it does! ;)

  3. just an FYI...

    The Germans didn't bomb Pearl Harbor...the Japanese did, may wanna change your forum sig.