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  1. TSN Completely revamps Website

    Yeah that new website is terrible compared to the old one.
  2. Canucks VS Coyotes throwback night

    The Canucks will not be re-introducing and wearing those skate jerseys on the road. Period. I hope they do make an appearance soon, but it will be a home game.
  3. I Love Dogs and So Should You!

    Unbelievable. But what a remarkable recovery. People who neglect/abuse animals - I can't even say what I think should be done to them.
  4. Im extremely confused...what exactly is the plot of the sequel going to be? I can't see any one where it is good.
  5. David Letterman Retiring in 2015

    There's no denying that the Late Show hasn't had the same zip as it used to, but Dave will forever be a legend in the Late Night lore. I did enjoy a lot of his stuff.
  6. Yeah, I am really frowning upon changing the backstory of Shredder - even changing his real name, no thanks. With that said, I will see it though.
  7. Student Loans

    Great thoughts everyone....much appreciated.
  8. HBO's "True Detective"

    100% agree. I really did not like this finale. Which I find disappointing because the show leading up to this climax was so good.
  9. Student Loans

    Hey all, Just wanted to see what everyone's experiences are with acquiring and repaying student loans. Positive or negative experience? Also, looking for specific thoughts on getting a student loan from the government versus a bank. Thanks a lot!
  10. Mexican Drug Lord home after being raided, lots of ca$h seized.

    And I thought Walter White had it good
  11. Rate The Last Movie You Saw - 2

    Argo. 7.5/10 Story was a good mix of true events and fiction, kept me interested until the end. Some real slow points though and the acting left a bit to be desired. Overall a really good flick.
  12. My ranking of current affairs would go like this: Fallon Leno Letterman . . . . Pile of crap . . . Kimmel Conan Ferguson
  13. The Workout Thread

    Great stuff. I can't wait to see some reviews from people who complete P90X3 who have also done P90X and how they compare.
  14. Rate The Last Movie You Saw - 2

    Sure it isn't new, and sure its the 10th time I've seen it, but I will rate it anyway. The Green Mile 10/10. Story, acting = incredible.
  15. The Workout Thread

    What would make P90X3 better than the regular P90X?