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  1. AriGold's *Real Money* Fantasy League Hockey Pool

    Drop Jon Drouin Claim Carl Soderberg
  2. CDCGML 2015-16 (Taking Applications for New GMs!)

    We sure have brother .... hope you and everyone else in the league has a fantastic 2016 I always state that if the people I love are happy and healthy then life is good , the rest is just icing on cake . What has happened in the last few months has reinforced that. I hope that yours and all the other GM's loved ones have happy and healthy 2016
  3. CDCGML 2015-16 (Taking Applications for New GMs!)

    Cheers Brother .....Hope you are getting to spend some time with the people you love and they are all happy and healthy. One on my enduring memories of 2015 was the german people welcoming refugees into their country , I know you were there helping people .....big time respect for you and your countrymen my friend. What makes you think I am human ? Will you have any time to skype in the next few days ? would love to catch up Thanks ON Hope you are getting some time with the people you love and they are all happy and healthy Cheers OTTS ..... hope everything is good with you my friend
  4. CDC Fantasy League 2015-16

    Sorry for being away for so long ,was the busiest spring ever plus I had a lot of family and health issues -teeth. Am looking forward to watching some hockey and catching up with my teams. Happy Saturnalia to one and all
  5. CDCGML 2015-16 (Taking Applications for New GMs!)

    Sorry for my long absence, I have put in the longest hours in on the farm since i started working it again. Mum had a stroke in November , so after a long day on the farm I had to take my family to visit her in hospital Then I had 3 weeks of BS with my teeth , 5 pulled and a shipload of pain later ....... Lachie is a lot more demanding of my time but i am looking forward to watching some hockey with him in the next few weeks and getting back to managing my team I wish everyone a very happy Saturnalia and hope that everyone you love is happy and healthy.
  6. CDCGML 2015-16 (Taking Applications for New GMs!)

    Sorry for missing the start of the season , have missed the GF where my team threepeated , my mum's 88th birthday and have barely seen my family for the last week . October is always really busy but the weather has been really hot and has been frying one of my biggest crops , been doing 16-17 hour days and have been really stressed, have lost thousands , this on top of the winter frosts have really fracked me over this year. CS texted me this morning and reminded me about hockey ,He told me Wilbur set my line up , thanks mate . Still have to push hard until next week then I get my life back and will be able to look at my team, I am literally working and sleeping until then.
  7. .

    . Kemppainen will not be going anywhere. Kids will kids
  8. .

    He was placed in minor league team with out my knowledge , I have been working 12 hour days and have not checked my minor league team since drew added the players to fantrax. For now I assign Kerby Rychel to my minor league team and recall Joonas kemppainen to the senior team . I am not giving away a player I drafted and who will play for my team this season
  9. .

    . I have not placed Joonas on waivers , if I wanted to do this I would post it up .