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  1. salo and ohlund for the ROH

  2. Enter Jason Garrison!

    1. Slender Man

      Slender Man

      I'd rather not

  3. we should trade our next 20 first round draft picks for nash!

  4. i don't like saying this but malhotra isn't worth 2.5 mil. Waive his ntc and trade him to clear up cap space

    1. Dazzle


      L0l boozer.

      How do you waive his NTC?

      Malhotra is worth 2.5 mill based on character alone. He is a leader.

    2. Ṣpiderman


      It won't happen. Only reason Malhotra isn't playing well is because of his eye injury. If we move him because of that, our organization would look classless. He won't be resigned at the same cap. There's a reason why Lapierre's contract is due the same time as Malhotra. I suspect Lapierre to take over Malhotra's old role in the future.

  5. Ballard, raymond, Weise, alberts, Schroeder and draft picks are all i think we could trade away

    1. Kazmanian Devil

      Kazmanian Devil

      This guy knows what's up.

  6. Can't wait until trade deadline!

    1. canuck_trevor16


      yeah it going to be crazy that week

    2. Chip Kelly

      Chip Kelly

      Always fun. Canucks should make a couple of minor moves nothing major though. The price of players at the deadline is crazy.