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  1. I want you to educate yourself before you make anymore baseless accusations like this. Doesn't sound to me like it's a scam at all. https://edmontonsun.com/sports/hockey/nhl-career-comes-to-abrupt-end-for-local-product-johnny-boychuk But we won’t be hearing that anymore after the accidental kick to his left eye by Arturri Lehkonen in March left the New York Islanders defenceman with optic nerve damage. He needed 90 stitches from a plastic surgeon around his eye, but there was residual trauma inside and so his career is over. The 36-year-old, who grew up in the Newton neighbourhood five minutes from where the Edmonton Oilers called home, shooting pucks relentlessly at a net in front of his parents’ garage, begrudgingly walked away from the game Wednesday after a series of visits to doctors for two months. “Kind of an eye-opener when I got the tests,” said Boychuk, laughing at his own joke. “My peripheral vision is pretty bad. I have some damage that’s irreversible. “It wasn’t so much a decision to not play. It was a life choice. If I kept playing and couldn’t see somebody coming and got hit, it could be a lot worse for me.” His last time on the ice was Game 6 of the Eastern Conference final where the Islanders were eliminated by the Tampa Bay Lightning, ending things things full-circle, in his hometown arena. He knew something was wrong during the Return to Play games here, especially after getting rocked by a hit from Florida’s Mike Matheson in Game 1 of the playoffs. It came on a simple dump-in. “I didn’t see him coming and should have been able to see him a little bit. I knew something was off right then and got the concussion,” said Boychuk. Did he will himself to play in the playoffs? “Yeah, I probably did,” said a clearly disappointed Boychuk, trying to digest the untimely end to his hockey-playing days, where he persevered through 372 AHL games to play almost twice as many games in the NHL, with a Cup victory in Boston nine years ago. “I’ve been thinking about this every day, all-day … you’re hoping you’re healthy enough so you can play more. It’s really hard when somebody tells you that you can’t play any more or you shouldn’t because you could get seriously hurt,” said Boychuk, who isn’t retiring but will likely go on long-term injury status with two years remaining on his $6 million cap hit.
  2. I once thought that Hossa skin rash thing was a scam, but it seems like he had tried many times to play through the rash. Now I no longer think he's "faking it". On the other hand, Pronger is doing a lot of normal stuff with his concussion and not even trying to play, unlike Ferland. I'm not saying Pronger's faking it, but I would say he's more of a concern for 'fraud'. I think we can put the Hossa thing to bed. Boychuk has an eye injury, if I recall. I'm not sure how much more serious does an injury need to be for you to accept it as an injury worthy for LTIR reasons. Dorsett was on LTIR too. Usage of it doesn't necessarily mean people are 'scamming' the system. It's part of the collective bargaining agreement and it's supposed to protect players from owners refusing to pay players who are injured. Also, the Kovalchuk thing was complete horsecrap. New Jersey actually had their first round pick removed, only for it to be reinstated by the NHL if I remember correctly...
  3. Why do you care what people do with their money? Maybe he has an extended family to write to. Maybe all they can do is write letters? It's none of your goddamn business. No offense.
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    2. Cerridwen


      COVID shows no mercy :(

      I'm sorry for your loss, Dazzle.

    3. TNucks1


      sorry to hear that man, my condolences

    4. debluvscanucks


      I'd read that story, it's so sad.  I'm sorry for this loss of your friend, D.

  4. Everyone may not have the same opinions, but calling COVID a hoax is wrong. Please do your part to slow the spread!

    1. Pears


      Only way some of these people are gonna figure it out is if they get it themselves or lose a family member or friend to it.

    2. drummer4now


      I think the rational for people to think it is a hoax is either because they know nobody personally who has it, underestimate its potential danger or live somewhere far away with zero to limited cases. 


      I must admit when I first heard about I thought it was a hoax because I live in a small isolated community on a island with no cases. That was until I heard stories from family members abroad describing deaths of close co-workers or friends. I am still doubtful about the science behind It and the case stats on TV as they're too Masonic for me. I always see phony numbers like 6 cases or 33 deaths which if anybody has studied masonry are very symbolic numbers and people should know about the shadow elite behind the scenes calling the shots. 


      Having said that COVID-19 is very real and unfortunately is being abused by some politicians for power

      (control people) and money. 

    3. KristoffWixenschon


      I havent heard the "its real but the freemasons are altering the death count" narrative before! 

      I think its natural to want to believe that shadowy figures control everything that happens in the world. Our brains are wired to want to find solutions to complex problems. That's what's so fun about being a human.

      But it's probably more likely that sometimes the disease just kills 33 people that day and that number stands out to you so you notice it. Other days when 42 or 29 people die, we tend not to absorb those numbers. 

  5. Trump going to jail. Main stream news not reporting it! Fraud found everywhere. @#Canucks

  6. I wonder what happens if Trump wins...

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    2. debluvscanucks


      A bunch more people die.  The border stays closed for another 4 years.  


      Rinse/repeat stuff.


      5,120,029,303 more tweets to endure.

    3. King Heffy

      King Heffy

      Yeah to be honest I'd support closing the border and discontinuing diplomatic relations.  No reason to negotiate with terrorists.

    4. smithers joe

      smithers joe

      i’ld lose faith in my fellow man. my faith says i shouldn’t judge others but i can’t handle a person that cares so little about all his people. 

  7. @Petey_BOI Your thread is a glimpse of how bad our fanbase is.

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    2. Dazzle


      @Alain Vigneault I really don't believe Schneider going on to win silverware on another team would have sat well with other Canuck fans. I know I would have been very unhappy/angry with that, considering I was AGAINST this trade from the beginning. And to be honest, I genuinely don't believe you when you said you'd be okay with the trade, considering Horvat was not really thought to be an "exciting" prospect (skating was considered his weakness), and this would end up being the last time we'd see Gillis in a GM position. I do think now that the trade worked well for the Canucks (fortunately) for the sole reason that Horvat has become the beast he is now. Horvat DID address the skating issue right away, as did Boeser. We were lucky to have two hard working prospects, but they worked hard to elevate their games (not lucky).


      If Schneider had succeeded, it would have been another case of Cam Neely 2.0, which was brought up quite recently although briefly with regards to Virtanen. Canucks fans tend to remember the bad stuff more so than the good. We even feel like the team is cursed (draft picks, reffing, salary cap penalties etc.).


      Based on what you said (cap implications, lack of exciting prospects etc), I believe you have unintentionally agreed that the trade was a bad one. The Canucks couldn't even take a throw-in? One more prospect on the farm could have helped. But it seems Gillis didn't go that route. I know you said you hated the trade, but the return is weak from the Canucks POV. All that development time and certainty in Schneider, and all you get is a draft pick of an unknown value because he hasn't proven anything at the NHL level yet, plus developmental time for that player. There WAS a risk in this trade that could've set this team back even further.


      Contrary to what you think, it DOES exonerate Benning. If Gillis were to be given some leniency for losing draft picks, most notably the Ballard trade (Grabner, a former first round pick; a 1st round pick (25th overall, basically a 2nd rounder); Bernier (a 2nd and 3rd rounder used to pay for him), Benning should have been entitled to the same courtesy.  Both GMs were under the same ownership, and in both circumstances, winning was a priority. This ultimately dictated what GMs could do. After all, there were rumours that Aquilini did not like the rebuild idea. Could we really blame him?


      Fans don't show up at the hint of mediocrity (and they didn't). This is an investment, a business. A rebuild doesn't sell you tickets, no matter what the fans think about it. So, we have an owner who didn't want to go through the process of rebuilding, and it actually cost the team a lot of time and draft picks to get to this point. However, unlike Gillis, Benning actually improved the development of players, many of whom we see now on the team.


      You can't blame Gillis entirely either. He advocated radical changes like sleep doctors, and lobbied the league to improve travel schedules. He also got Aquilini to get new locker room facilities to re-inspire the players.  Having Ryan Walter (lol) to motivate the players. Gillis tried. And Aquilini was willing to spend every single year. You have to recognize that everyone is not faultless, but certainly not everyone is as incompetent as fans like to describe them as.

      I think I have come to appreciate more what GIllis did (and didn't do) because I recognize that ownership/playoffs handcuffed him into selling the future for success. But this narrative also highlights Benning's contributions. As with any GM, Gillis and Benning had to answer to ownership. Therefore, fans calling for a GM or a coach to be fired don't seem to realize that they are just convenient figureheads that answer to ownership. Sometimes owners let people do their jobs if they have confidence in them. I believe Aquilini has confidence in Benning right now.

      Being completely anti-Gillis or being anti-Benning doesn't let you fully understand the situation. And we see the bias on the forums every day. You'd think that nothing good is happening right now. Did you know that Buffalo (same year as us as an expansion team, 1970) has missed the playoffs 9 consecutive times?  Our fans are incoherent, ungrateful, and spoiled.

    3. Alain Vigneault

      Alain Vigneault

      No, I honestly wouldn't have been upset.  Like I said, I knew we were giving up a top goaltender who was capable of achieving those things.  Up until 2018, Schneider was fairly good for New Jersey anyway.  It's a shame that injuries did him in.


      I already said that Gillis mismanaged the Schneider/Luongo trades way back before.  I wasn't highlighting his goalie trades as good trades; I was highlighting the fact that trading Schneider to New Jersey was smarter than trading him to Edmonton, even if he walked away from "less" of a return.


      If you want to believe that trading picks for rentals (during a period of time when your team is a clear-cut favourite for winning the Stanley Cup) is the same thing as trading picks as throw-ins/sweeteners to upgrade prospects, then by all means.  The truth is that trading a 2nd or 3rd for a rental, which is what Gillis did, is far better risk to take than trading a 3rd with a low-grade prospect attached for Andrey Pedans, which is what Benning regularly did.  It's fine to try that gamble once but Benning made at least 2-3 of those types of deals all throughout his first two seasons.  For every serviceable Baertschi you might get, you get a sea of Veys/Larsens/Etems/Pedans.  It was super wasteful and I don't imagine ownership was pressuring him to make those deals either.  Gillis tried that with Bernier, it didn't work out, and he never did that type of move again.  So, no, Benning doesn't get a free pass because he continued to repeat these deals when it was clear early on they weren't working.


      Development has improved, sure, but again, it's easier to develop top 10 picks than it is picks in the 20-30 range, especially when your team is at the bottom of the basement.  When you're playing in a top team, the expectation is to develop while helping your team win.  That isn't necessarily the same case when your team is at the bottom and expected to suck.  Case and point, Zack Kassian (just 21 and 30 ish games of NHL experience) being expected to be our "Milan Lucic" upon being acquired, while somebody like Virtanen is still getting the "just wait until he matures" treatment from some fans, despite having 5 seasons of pro hockey under his belt.  Many still believe in Juolevi despite him entering his draft+5 with 1 NHL game played, having been taken as a top 5 pick.


      Now that Judd is gone, it will be interesting to see what amounts of the 2020 picks and picks of subsequent drafts.  I won't sit here and argue that he did all the work, but I don't think its necessarily coincidental that from 2015 - 2020, we've seen some of the best prospects and development of prospects in the organization's history.  Nevertheless, Judd wasn't here in 2014 and yet that draft produced Virtanen, McCann, Demko, and Tryamkin, so maybe this bodes well for Benning.

    4. Dazzle


      @Alain Vigneault Gillis' trading for Bernier wasn't a rental. He traded the 2nd and 3rd round picks in July. This probably would have made sense if Bernier was the real deal. Later on, as I described in the other post, he was traded WITH Grabner AND a 1st for Ballard. In all of these transactions, no one was a rental. This in some way justifies Gillis' thought process at the time. There was some inherent value with Bernier and Ballard; that is until they proved to be players that didn't pan out.

      Pedan was acquired using a 4th round pick, which is comparable to how Alberts was acquired by Gillis (4th and 5th round picks, if I recall, and Alberts was a rental, but ended up signing with us afterward.) Pretty insignificant player to the rebuild/retool in the grand scheme of things, but no one can legitimately say that he hurt the team. Pedan and Alberts probably likely outperformed any of the draft picks that the above teams probably used. It's probably a wash in the end, but I didn't actually look them up.


      I think criticizing these trades with these medium to low grade picks is a bit nitpicky. Both GMs did this to shore up depth, which is exactly what these players were thought to be. Larsen also was a cheaply acquired pick, 4th round pick if I recall from Edmonton, but was extremely skilled. Etems was acquired in exchange of Jensen (late 1st round pick by Nonis that didn't pan out), and a 6th round). Etems actually had a decent season in Anaheim, but was clearly a reclamation project and nobody won that trade at all. Vey is really the only one that you could potentially criticize but he had very solid AHL numbers. It just didn't work out, but we will likely have no idea how much that family drama (dad accused of murder plot) affected his on-ice performance.


      Dunno why Baertschi's name keeps coming up though. He is/was a good player, but a 2nd (Rasmus Anderson for CAL) was used to pay for it. We never had anyone like Baertschi up until this point. In fact, he was top-six for the initial years of Benning. That's exactly how thin we were on depth. The fact that we kept trying to get semi-developed players for low-ish draft picks speeds volumes about how Benning TRIED (keyword tried) to improve the depth on this team, which had next to nothing. All those players we talked about, we had none of those in the system. Furthermore, players like Petan did end up getting traded away to NYI for scrap pieces. Remember, Benning was under the gun to try to compete. How do you do that when you have a 3rd, 4th round picks which ultimately require time to develop? Benning tried to take the shortcut, and in many of these cases, it didn't really work out. It just comes to show you how tough it is to make it to the NHL. It's also very hard to construct an NHL team, which isn't at all like the NHL video games.


      Juolevi is a good prospect, but his injuries have really hampered him. This pick looks really bad especially when people were clammering for Tkachuk/Nylander, and Sergachev (who really benefited being in the Tampa system, otherwise he would have been a poor selection for us). Juolevi could still be an important piece moving forward, but we will have no idea what would have happened if he wasn't so injured. Hopefully he doesn't get so unlucky from this point forward. I am still one of those hopeful about Juolevi.


      Virtanen is a better version of Kassian, but it's unfortunate that both players have discipline/off-ice issues. Had he panned out like a young Lucic or something, he would have been a hometown hero in the same rank as Larkin for Detroit. After hearing the stuff today that Warhippy said about Virt, I am not happy with this player anymore.


      Judd is a great scout, but Benning and Weisbrod (lol the Jankowski pick looks kinda bad though for what he promised) are experts at what they do. Having a third voice like Judd is not really that useful, particularly as Judd is discovering his thrill for having autonomy. Good for him. He deserved it.


      The McCann pick/trade was a notable flub by Benning, and Gudbranson was not a great acquisition at all, which ended up being Pearson. We still don't have anyone that is like Pearson in our system, at least not nearly as developed like he is. Everything is still in progress with Benning. Demko was an amazing pick, and so was Hoglander. (Both 2nd round picks). There's others coming that also have potential to be great (Dipietro, Lind, etc)


      From our discussion, we can review the Miller trade again. The 1st round pick (lottery protected) used to trade for Miller is comparable to the trade for Schneider and NJ. They're opposite trades actually, but I can explain.  NJ tried to acquire a known entity like Schneider. Canucks tried to acquired a known entity like Miller. If NJ's trade was thought to be one that made sense to the Canucks, then the trade for Miller should be seen in the same light. It should be reiterated that the 1st round pick was lottery protected, which TB was not able to get. Miller was on a good contract, and so was Schneider. You have to pay to get something good in return. Although TB had a cap crunch, they didn't have to sell too low for Miller because he was still someone who was producing on their team.


      If you thought there wasn't a risk to trade Schneider, but thought Miller's trade was risky, there is something inconsistent in that analysis. Both trades were calculated risks. When you think about it, do you realize that Schneider's failure in NJ and poor team performance likely had an impact on Lou Lamouriello's reputation as a GM? Some decisions don't work out and the blame goes to the GM, whether that's fair or not. There's a 2015 article I saw just from a search that put NJ's failures on Lou.



      It doesn't talk about Schneider, but we both know he struggled mightily along with the team. Imagine if he had been another Brodeur...

  8. "It's not a perfect trade, but it's a really good one." - Arrow 1983

  9. Looking at Vegas' draft record. It does not look pretty.

    1. Quantum


      They've only drafted 4 times in franchise history and there first draft class (2017) has already had 4 players make their NHL debuts (Cody Glass, Nick Suzuki, Erik Brannstrom, and Nicolas Hague)... which, coincidentally, are the first 4 picks in franchise history. Obviously, Suzuki & Brannstrom were dealt away but that's really good for a draft class.


      And don't forget that in that 2017 draft class they also picked Jack Dugan who had 52 points last year playing in the NCAA and just signed his entry level deal with Vegas this summer -- and also Lucas Elvenes who, at 20, was one of the AHL's leading scorers last season with 48 points in 58 games.


      They also have Preyton Krebs who is a legit prospect (picked in 2019). Peter Diliberatore looks like he could be something and was a 2018 pick, a defenseman, who is playing the NCAA. And Ivan Morozov is a 2018 second rounder who is playing in the KHL as a defenseman.


      It's true that they lack the true elite prospect depth that you'd expect from a traditional expansion team but they've shown that they are clearly not a traditional team and they're in win now mode.


      I think they've done a pretty good job all things considered. There's gonna be lots of misses and some undrafted, college guys who come out of nowhere and make an in impact on their lineup (Zach Whitecloud) but you can say that about most teams.


      With that said, they haven't held a high draft pick since 2017 and there'll be a time when they collapse. I think there window will close in about 2-3 seasons, when Vancouver's window is truly open.


      But who knows how they'll use a 2022 third rounder -- hard to say. All I know is that the Canucks stole Nate Schmidt from Vegas and we should be thrilled by that.

  10. Bring back neg reps please. Some threads aren't trying to promote a discussion but to rehash old ideas. Not productive.

  11. Benning supporters don't necessarily support everything he does. But the ones who think Benning has done no good, are the irrational ones.

    1. Roger Neilsons Towel

      Roger Neilsons Towel

      Nothing is so black-and-white. The world is all about different shades of gray.

    2. King Heffy

      King Heffy

      Don't agree with every move but the franchise is in a much better place than when he took over.  Most of CDC wanted him fired for taking Petey.

    3. Type R

      Type R

      Gudbranson for Pearson was solid, 1st for JT Miller (fire benning was chanted) and man that turned out.  Holtby I think will be another shrewd maneuver.  His drafting has been pretty damn amazing compared to what we had prior (yes I know its not just him).  He stuck us with a bloated bottom 6, but that was the price to get people in the door of a team that looked horrible when signed, and to be fair, that bottom 6 (cap aside) looked solid in the play-ins until we met Vegas.  I believe Benning is doing a good job, not perfect, but not horrid, compared to Buffalo or Edmonton, I'm pretty happy.

  12. Also, Mirco Mueller is available!

  13. Have a look at Slater Koekkoek (D)? Puck moving defenceman from Chicago.