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  1. I very much appreciate your insights on this. Thank you! I know I'm not the only one who really enjoys reading them, even if there is the odd disagreement!
  2. I thought we weren't supposed to take a GM's public word for it, but we're supposed to believe what the journalists say about stories. My bad.
  3. The public space also spoke about Gaudette and him being patient zero, while also falsely suggesting that Hughes was on IV. The media has its motivations for pushing a story - and you know this
  4. It's hard to take you seriously with this kind of commentary. As much as people have complained about losing Gads/Juolevi (I had pretty high hopes for Juolevi myself), they are/were not cornerstone pieces for this team. They should have been nice pieces to supplement. Given that you made no mention about OEL/Garland, as well as the other prospects, it's kind of hilarious that the focus is entirely on the negative with no mention about the positives.
  5. Bingo. There seems to not be a possibility where Dahlen doesn't screw the Canucks. This was 100 percent on Dahlen.
  6. Coaching has been a major question mark for me this season, more than ever. Green's teams have almost always had a lackluster second period, similar to what we saw last night. This has obviously not been addressed in so many iterations. Another aspect about Green are the too many men penalties. Though this has likely been addressed recently, it is no coincidence that Green's teams have been consistently ranked as ones who generally take the most bench minors. I see a total of 36. And to be fair, he's in the same category as several well-known coaches as well, so it's not necessarily fair to blame Green's systems per se for the TMM penalties. His worst two seasons were also the most recent, however. (Minus this year). Green also has his favourites. The fact that Gadj had little playing time, while Chiasson was essentially gifted PP minutes is reflective of his many coaching decisions. Chiasson did a lot of the "little things", but no result. I don't blame Chiasson for not scoring; I'm sure he wants to score more than anyone else. However, this is on Green for gifting him minutes that he doesn't deserve. Moreover, gifting a roster spot for a guy who didn't even PRODUCE in the preseason at all. His one goal this year was a complete fluke off his skate. Lastly, the way Rathbone is being used. Last night's game shows several poor defensive coverages: Appleton's breakaway because Rathbone let him by, and on the same play, the rebound because Rathbone overskated the puck/Appleton. Had Demko not cleared the puck, Rathbone's positioning was virtually nonexistent. Additionally, the second goal last night was due to Rathbone backing up too much and letting the pass get through. There was also the poor defensive coverage on McDavid during Oilers' game where Rathbone gave him a completely open lane. You see, any other defenseman would get benched for these defensive lapses, but Rathbone still got more minutes/PP opportunity than Juolevi ever did. That to me says A LOT about Green as a coach. Rathbone is not producing right now, nor is he really generating much offense, so what is his role on the team? He's a defensive liability and needs more refinement in the AHL. Just because he's on his last year of his ELC doesn't mean he should be gifted a roster spot. Here are the Too Many Men penalties Statistics taken from https://morehockeystats.com/coaches/toomanymen# 2021-2022 1 TMM penalty so far. 2020-2021 2019-2020 2018-2019 - surprisingly, he was among the lowest here. 2017-2018 - on the lower end
  7. Benning said that some players were demanding a spot, but weren't ready for it. He stated that Dahlen requested the trade, so the team accommodated his request. JP Barry did not deny any of the comments, even acknowledging that trade talks did come up in their discussion. Dahlen didn't even spend one year in the AHL before bolting. When Dahlen made it to the Sharks, he had the opportunity to make their poor roster (they were a bottom feeding team at the time). Yet Dahlen was sent down to the AHL (again). This confirms that the Canucks were right to send him down to the AHL. Also, when Dahlen went back to Sweden, he went back to the same tier Swedish league, producing marginally improved numbers. Several years later, he's finally made his NHL debut. Before this time, neither the Sharks nor the Canucks really benefitted from the trade. There was no such impact player that came out of it.
  8. My god. If true, Canucks sure mishandled Juolevi on this one. That said, I am really liking Lamikko. Ah, thanks for the clarification. This may be why Rathbone is kept up, plus the extra 500,000 cap if/when he is recalled.
  9. I like Juolevi, but Lammikko is extremely underrated. I think he's done so much more than any of the plugs we had last season.
  10. Totally agreed. Rathbone is really showing his holes. I mean I saw them in the preseason. Canucks need to send Rathbone down before his 9 games.
  11. Rathbone needs more time in the AHL. Hunt + Burroughs next game please.

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    2. Patel Bure

      Patel Bure

      I don’t think Rathbone has been bad at all to be honest (except for last night).  I just don’t know what one can realistically expect if he’s being fed bottom pairing minutes.  

      Will say this though:  Podkolzin and Rathbone in Abbotsford will definitely lead to sell outs over in Abby.  Podz, Bone, and Klimovich leading the way down there to a championship may not be the worst thing in the world?

    3. Dazzle


      @Patel Bure If you go back to the other games (minus tonight), you'll generally see that Rathbone is outmuscled by other forwards. This is a bad thing when you are being sheltered as much as he is. In short, for the limited minutes, he should not be a defensive liability at all, which I think he is.

      That's why I think he should be in the AHL so he can play meaningful minutes, and he can gain the confidence while playing in that same league. Right now, he's potentially costing Canucks games. The breakaway last night + the overskating on the same play show that he's letting guys pass him. This is not just a one game thing. Moreover, he's not actually producing here.

    4. Patel Bure

      Patel Bure

      Hilarious how last month, a few people were ready to pack Quinn Hughes’ bags while anointing Rathbone as our 2nd pairing LD guy.  

  12. I'll have you know that booze generally doesn't go bad, even after years in the bottle. The only issue is if the bottle was not closed the entire time.
  13. Please, for the love of the Canucks, demote Rathbone. I don't want him wasting his development here when he's making too many mistakes at this level.
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