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  1. Virtanen was ruined by a horrible systems coach - both by WD and Green. Neither of them know how to utilize certain players well. I really wonder at this point if Eriksson would have done better under a different coach.
  2. What more do you want him to say? He admitted he was wrong about Jake, and so were a lot of people who thought he would pan out.
  3. https://edmontonjournal.com/sports/hockey/nhl/cult-of-hockey/scouting-report-top-10-prospect-jake-virtanen-might-be-viable-option-if-oilers-trade-down Bob McKenzie had him 8th overall. The difference between 6th and 8th is not insignificant, but close enough that the players are reasonably comparable. COMPARABLE. That means your statement that none of the scouts had him pegged at 6 is MISLEADING. It's not like Jake was supposed to be this late first round pick that was picked far earlier than expected. Based on team needs, a player MAY be picked higher than where they were 'supposed' to be. We saw this with Barrett Hayton. He was pretty much an off the board pick. Another example was Michael Grabner. What don't you understand about this? There is no imaginary list. Everything I've cited has a source. Meanwhile, you have yet to provide a source to back up your claims. Sorry, but I'm not sorry for thinking you would understand basic concepts of logic, even when given an explanation. Get your ego out of your ass. Also, you were the one who said that 1/6th of a list is considered half a draft list. LOL. What a joke.
  4. No, this is where you failed in your logic, lol. You're unable to comprehend basic logic, hence you think it's tortured logic. It's really not that difficult. A minivan that is rated # 1 by European markets doesn't necessarily mean he is valued at the same level as a Prius in a North American market. There might not be anything wrong with that minivan, but that doesn't matter. Your talk about Matthews, Laine, Pulj was trying to suggest that these players were rated better than Juolevi, but you jumped to the conclusions without explaining how you arrived there. In fact, I should remind you that your opinion should have facts. Your logic was that Virtanen should have been rated lower with the inclusion of European skaters. Yet this is where you make the comparison fallacy. Without context, we cannot make a proper comparison without the background ddata You also did not address any of my criticisms about how you compared players, as usual. No argument from you means you'll be repeating your same points. For example, why did Klim Kostin rated number 1 for EU skaters get picked 31st, while Pettersson got picked 5th? Yet wasn't even rated on the ISS. How much times are you going to insist on being right when others have told you that you're wrong? I'm honestly curious as to what you provide to society.
  5. I really feel like we have a bunch of sociopaths on this forum. There's so many people that would rather twist data or make crap up to fit their own version of the events, rather than looking at the other evidence that might challenge their position.
  6. 2.55 is not a bad signing, period. If you look at the comparisons, Virtanen's signing was no more generous or cheaper than everyone else with his production. There is a list out there, but if you're gonna slag a player, I want to see what basis you're looking at. We've already seen @Provost try to "weasel" his way with data by misreading it. Truly embarrassing. It's hilarious that he accuses me of doing it, but he doesn't realize that he's the one doing it.
  7. You're not reading anything, so I'll make it bite sized. This has already been said a number of tmes. You've used the excuse that Virtanen wouldn't have been ranked # 6 overall" excuse, especially when taking into account European skaters. I've given you an example of how you've conflated this to mean that European skaters are equal to NA skaters, when this is a logical fallacy. I thought you were a math person. When making comparisons, they have to be equal, or close to equal, otherwise they make no sense. Example: I want to buy a minivan, but it costs 30,000. Oh look, a Prius sells for 22,000. "That looks like a better deal". <--- Is it a better deal? How will we know? On what basis are we comparing a Prius to a Minivan? Now you've gone back to the "Juolevi is a bad pick" statement, except TSN rates him number 6. Craig Button specifically says this. https://www.tsn.ca/6-olli-juolevi-d-1.466965 So which is it, Provost? Are you shifting the goal posts again or not? You are so bad at reasoning skills. Holy.
  8. Wow, I put in an alternate scenario that was more about a food for thought. It's funny that you decided to try and feast on that. I even said that everyone knows that Virtanen didn't work out. There is no spinning of the story that he was a good pick, in hindsight. That being said, you've completedly misunderstood what was written, either deliberately or due to incompetence. You've stated exactly what I knew you were gonna say about NA skaters and European. And I've already addressed this beforehand because I knew you'd go this route. Looks like you didn't read. Your theory: Virtanen wouldn't be number 6 if you included European skaters into the mix Your fallacy: the assumption that European skaters were necessarily equal to NA skaters. Example in 2017, Klim Kostin and Elias Pettersson were rated 1 and 2 respectively. Does that mean Kostin should have been a higher pick or no? Kostin ends up being picked last in the first round, whereas Pettersson gets picked 5th. Provost, no matter how hard you try to justify your spot, you've embarrassed yourself plenty of times in this thread. Five times you've been wrong. This one being a logical fallacy.
  9. @Provost Check this out on Virtanen. Obviously Virt didn't work out. Everyone can see that. But your pretentious attitude has gotten you into a lot of trouble, especially when you can't even see pass your own mistakes. Virt WAS comparable to Ehlers/Nylander, with POTENTIALLY a better future than the above two. It just didn't work out - and we can blame a multitude of reasons for this, but that's gonna be a separate discussion. Imagine this scenario: If we had chosen Ehlers and he produced Virtanen type numbers, whereas Virtanen ends up producing like Ehlers or Nylander for that matter. Man, Vancouver fans would be PISSED. A Vancouver boy who ends up scoring like Toffoli did against us. I can see the victim complex fanbase crying over this one... https://nesn.com/2014/06/2014-nhl-draft-rankings-nikolaj-ehlers-leads-deep-class-of-wingers/ Let’s take a look at the best wingers in this year’s draft. 1) Nikolaj Ehlers Height: 5’11″ Weight: 163 Shoots: Left Team: Halifax (QMJHL) 2013-14 stats: 63 GP, 49 G, 55 A Ehlers finished fourth in scoring and won the Quebec Major Junior Hockey League’s Rookie of the Year award last season. He doesn’t have tremendous size or strength, but he’s an incredible offensive talent with game-changing speed, a heavy shot and the ability to make linemates more productive with his fantastic playmaking skills. In fact, few players in junior hockey were more exciting to watch than Ehlers last season, and he’s definitely the type of player capable of selling tickets in a non-traditional market that needs a star forward. His international experience includes two gold medals at Under-18 and Under-20 tournaments with Denmark, where he displayed great poise and decision making under pressure. When ranking the best pure goal scorers in this draft class, Ehlers is at or very close to the top of the list. 2) William Nylander Height: 5’11″ Weight: 174 Shoots: Right Team: Modo (Sweden) 2013-14 stats: 22 GP, 1 G, 6 A Nylander, the son of a former NHL center, is the best playmaking winger in this class. His vision is excellent, he passes the puck accurately in all areas, and his hockey IQ is off the charts. His 27 points in 35 games against professional players in Sweden was quite impressive when you consider he’s just 18 years old, and as he gets stronger it’s very possible that he becomes a 60-to-80 point player at the NHL level. Nylander also would significantly improve an NHL team’s power play with his goal-scoring ability and creativity in the attacking zone. From a defensive standpoint there’s lots of room for improvement, but there’s no question that his offensive talent is NHL-ready right now. Nylander will be a top-10 pick as one of the safest prospects in this draft. 3) Jake Virtanen Height: 6’1″ Weight: 210 Shoots: Right Team: Calgary (WHL) 2013-14 stats: 71 GP, 45 G, 26 A Virtanen is among the best goal scorers in this class and combines a powerful and accurate shot with elite speed. He’s a dynamic offensive player who creates scoring chances for himself and linemates with good vision, a high hockey IQ and great patience with the puck. What separates Virtanen from other wingers in this class is his defensive skills. He back checks consistently, plays physical in all three zones, battles hard for puck possession in his own end and is willing to block shots. Don’t be surprised if he receives ice time on the power play and penalty kill during his rookie season. Coaches will be able to trust him in any situation.
  10. 2.55 is not a bad signing at all. Only a 2 year deal, easily managable, and this was the very last try to get him motivated.
  11. Wrong again, Provost. Central Scouting DID have him at number 6. It's on the NHL website. So your statements about Virtanen have been wrong, and you're doubling down in an embarrassing fashion. How much more wrong do you need to be shown? So you're bad at reading, weak at reasoning - and, last but not least, inept at even understanding what you're talking about. Look at those multiple statements you've made earlier in the thread. All of them were your words and not taken out of context. https://www.nhl.com/news/nhl-css-2014-n-american-skaters-final-rankings/c-712854 That's four times you've been wrong. LOL. You've also mentioned European skaters, for whatever reason... It bares no relevance to what you've been trying to say. Are you seriously trying to undermine the way scouts list prospects? What does that have to do with Virtanen being rated 6th for North Americans. The other website I showed you adds Ehlers and Nylander with Virtanen. From that article, it sure seemed like Virt would be a safer pick... If you're trying to say that Virtanen would fall lower than 6th when compared to European skaters, well, that's just changing goal posts. Let me give you an example: https://www.tsn.ca/2017-nhl-cs-final-draft-ranking-eur-skaters-1.721441 Klim Kostin number 1 on European skaters!!! Must be number 1 prospect!!!! Elias Pettersson was number 2... But omg ISS doesn't even rank Pettersson, even though it combines lists! What the He double hockey sticks?!!! https://www.isshockey.com/iss-hockey-releases-final-rankings-in-2017-nhl-draft-guide/ Do you realize that Pettersson was actually picked 5th and Kostin 31st? How do you explain this using your 'logic'? The point I am showing is that you were trying to manipulate the argument (and failing badly at that) by constantly changing the parameters. This example shows your argument that Virtanen should be lower on this list because the lists are split into two is complete nonsense. This is why you should think beyond the boundaries of your massive, but completely unwarranted ego.
  12. Keep shifting those goalposts, Provost. From "not a single one" to another excuse. LOL. You've really made my night. Oh and that 1/6 is apparently "half a draft list". MAN. It's a good thing you're not really that 6 figure labour contract negotiator that you once bragged about. Whatever respect you had on the forums diminishes when you double down on something you're wrong about. I'm not even sure you're sane enough to know what respect is. I can't wait for @oldnews to see this hilarity of an outcome. Provost is finally broken.
  13. What? https://www.abbynews.com/sports/virtanen-jumps-up-to-no-6-in-central-scouting-rankings/ Virtanen jumps up to No. 6 in Central Scouting rankings Abbotsford hockey prospect Jake Virtanen saw his stock rise in the latest NHL Central Scouting rankings. Jesus, Provost. Please talk more because you're on a roll. It's also not 'half a draft list'. The article included 6 total sources.. Come on dude. 1/6 is not half.
  14. HOLY LMFAO. You missed it a third time? LOL PROVOST, you're too much. Yes, your reading skills suck.
  15. Wow, dude. You edited so you even had a chance to look at the numbers AGAIN - and this epic fail. Central Scouting – North American Skaters: 6 So, literally, yes, a single one. LOL. We also have 7 and 8, 10, 11, 18, 43. Who else failed in that draft? Sam Bennett at 3, Michael Dal Colle 5, Haydn Fleury (Defenseman, but not worth his pick in hindsight).. You can cherrypick, in hindsight, which pick you would've liked instead all you want, but that doesn't make you very smart. Lots of teams missed out on Brayden Point (TB), third round. Outperforms most 1st round picks too. What about Viktor Arvidsson? 5th round. We can cherrypick players all day, but that's not how drafting works.