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  1. Laine is such a tantalizing player. If he puts everything together, he can be among the greats. His defensive game is subpar though. I really think we should be really happy about Boeser and how he has shown commitment to improving his game. I hope Boeser can get 40 goals in the near future. Also, the blame towards Torts is a bit overstated. Torts EXPECTS accountability in his players - and Laine has shown little proof that he cares about the other sides of his games thus far in his career. Of course it wasn't going to be a fit. The problem is with Laine. It's not Tortorella's faul
  2. "Lazy and unfocused play" is a bit harsh for a player that really hasn't had much time to show what he can do, not to mention doing it under a mediocre defensive coach. He went around the wrong way. Big deal. He'll learn from that. How many times have we seen Hughes make a stupid pass? A lot. Better trade him because he's a "giveaway machine". /sar
  3. What's the excuse when Green's roster is miles better than whatever WD had in most of his rosters, yet he has similar stats to Green?
  4. I don't think it's Ben Eager, fwiw. He was later named to the Chicago Blackhawks alumni to play in the Winter Classic. I don't think it's Brent Sopel either. But yeah. Maybe it's not someone who got traded, but rather got buried into the AHL.
  5. Holy &^@#... this is a bombshell revelation. Brad Aldrich, the accused, is already convicted of sexual crimes. Looking through the 2010 roster, I'm thinking it's a depth player that wouldn't have the sway power of someone like Jonathan Toews. And I wonder if the accuser talked to other teammates about this incident, though the article did say the "team" did nothing. It's really unclear what they meant by that.
  6. I think Podkolzin will be an attractive piece for him because they played on the same team in Russia, if I am not mistaken. Podkolzin will have a Russian friend to help him adjust the NHL game.
  7. Actually, there is nothing inconsistent about criticizing a prospect/player. The only thing consistent is you going after a certain GM, even if you're on weak ground. Gaudette is a good pick, no matter how you slice it, and if you were to look at that draft year in that round or later, you'd be hard pressed to find someone else better in that spot. That being said, he no longer fit the team. Do you really have that much of a difficulty separating the two dimensions?
  8. Or Victor Hedman flashbacks... Or Luke Hughes flashbacks... ...am I doing this right?
  9. Yeah, it's really interesting. The hilarity of this fanbase is that we are given a stable ownership, stable leadership (not very many GM/coach firings), and guess what we do? We have people demanding that someone buy the team away from Aquilini, and there are tons of fire Benning/Green proposals, particularly the Benning one. One has to wonder if people here realize how bad Buffalo has it. We absolutely should be grateful that the Pegulas are not running this show.
  10. I honestly feel that keeping Green and/or his assistants is not the direction that the Canucks should go. Green can stay, but one of his assistants at MINIMUM has to be replaced, namely Baumer. We are absolutely a tirefire in the defensive zone, and I'm not willing to chalk it up to simply roster incompatibility.
  11. Oh puhleeze. The excitement for players - especially those who show a hint of promise - is normal for a fanbase. Normal. This has literally nothing to do with "Benning's most ardent supporters". Second point - you literally contradicted yourself. "Benning sold low on him". "Perhaps his value was never that high to begin with, but we can't look at his 2020 season..." PERHAPS that the value wasn't that high to begin with. If you had just stopped there, instead of coming up with justifications for your perspective, you'd be good. Instead, you get in
  12. Hope this helps. Gaudette has holes in his games on a team that evidently has many holes. If you're looking to fix a ship with holes, what do you do? It's hard to say he'd be a surefire great player as you say, considering he started as a 5th rounder. But it does speak to the fact that he has gotten to this point. So you can't have things both ways, Alain. You can't be bashing one of many prospects who made the NHL, and turn around and call foul at the people who note the holes in his game. Seems like honesty is your kryptonite. Indeed, you can't
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