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  1. Malhotra was not played either because of his eye injury. Of course he is "fine", but the Canucks didn't want to take that chance, which understandably left Malhotra bitter at the time. The Canucks obviously like Baertschi. Green coached Baertschi in juniors and this was, presumably, one major reason why Baer was brought in in the first place. It was a 2nd round pick that panned out VERY well against Calgary. I don't think anyone will seriously argue that the Baertshi trade now was a flop, but at the time, we had people always questioning why Benning was "throwing away draft picks". Those people have largely been silenced, from what I see.
  2. I don't think trading Virtanen or some other player would've taken away any attention from the Stanley Cup. It's not like we decided to trade Pettersson.
  3. That was a legit goaltending interference. Vasil wasn't Rolly the goalie
  4. This is his second foray. That being said, he's already been on several teams in his pretty short career so far. What's the deal?
  5. I wasn't sarcastic in that post at all, "bud". Not only are you not paying attention to hockey, I can see that you've not been paying attention at school. "Enuf" about that. LOL.
  6. There are posters here that are taking that tool Tej on twitter as some kind of insider. Dhaliwal, while once a respected journalist, has seemingly lost the trust/room with the Canucks, so he's been crafting speculation as some kind of fact. He's trying to do his job, which is to get people talking, but I don't think he's showing a lot of journalist integrity. My post wasn't meant to be personal. Heck, I made fun of myself too.
  7. How do people take this $&!# seriously? This is the equivalent. I heard your girlfriend likes me because the dude who slept with her told me. If you think you're getting ANY sense of truth here, you are probably as delusional as me for coming up with this crappy example to make fun of you.
  8. There is no "literal" talk here. You're referencing what you thought someone said because some dude on Twitter said it.
  9. Being sarcastic isn't going to make you sound smarter. Pro tip.
  10. Good thing you're not our GM then. We also don't even have a 1st or 2nd round this year, if you were paying attention. Clueless troll exposed.
  11. Because there are idiots in this world who believe COVID either don't exist, or think that it's some government conspiracy to limit our god-given freedoms. In short, idiots. The same people who think Eklund is a valid source, like the old CDC forums had once listed under their "rules" section. Good times.
  12. OR the player just wants to see what he can get on the open market. Y'know, like Eriksson did. 30 goal season before he signed that 6M anchor.
  13. This is significant because Woodley is an NHL correspondent. I'm pretty sure he's considerably more credible because he's on the PHWA (who, in turn, is privileged to vote on NHL players). NHL Correspondents aren't part of the voting panel for players. Corrected.