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  1. Overlooked Reason Why Vancouver Will Win

    i think the canuck defence sucks
  2. well both goalies have played top notch in there last few games and i believe that resting had to be a big part of it, a strategy. ever since schnieder played for luongo for 2 straight games while he rested it seemed like the canucks were a better team. it gave schnieder a reason why he was in this team and took the pressure off luongo. after the 2 game break luongo went in and dominated for another 2 games and played incredible. can this be a strategy for canuck's success to the stanley cup?: have the 2 goalies play 2 straight games and then take a 2 game break while the other goalie plays then play 2 games while the other goalie rests and so on. i think its a great strategy because many people don't think goalies need rest, but its true. form the big pressure i know that was why luongo choked in the playoffs. i think my strategy shown above is a great example for the canucks to follow. what do you think?