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  1. Gilman with the best Horvat insight yet

    With the drafting of Pettersson, I would wager the Canucks are internally debating what Horvat's value is as a 1B (second line centre). Add in his likely hood of killing penalties and taking defensive draws, what is that value. Furthermore, they have to consider the CAP and whether it will increase or decrease over the next four or five seasons. The Canucks are going to have a lot of really good young guys wanting money and they do not want to find themselves in early cap problems.
  2. [Speculation] Nichushkin to KHL?

    GMMG out gm'ing again!!
  3. I laughed too much at this comment.
  4. Interesting comparison, although I think the hockey market does not rely on stupidity or ignorance. Thus, this strategy may not have the successful results of the political counterparts. However, I am sure Benning will do whatever he can to land Stamkos -- large contract, play with the Sedins for a few seasons -- and live in beautiful Vancouver. I'm sure he can make a case.
  5. The good news is if Columbus continues with these awful trades, then they will be giving Vancouver a pretty high 2nd round pick soon!
  6. [Report] Complaint of Tampering filed against Benning

    What is the actual language regarding what constitutes 'tampering' in the NHL? Honestly, from Benning's comments alone, I cannot see how this is considered tampering. He only expressed interest in speaking with these players once the permitted time open for negotiations. It would be completely different if he claimed that he already spoke with them, then sure--he's guilty of tampering--but I don't think this is the case. Perhaps he was too specific and should have said he is interested in many forwards?
  7. [Report] Milan Lucic to hit free agency

    So does this mean we can finally trade Miller for a 1st round pick? Cause...he will want out when Milan comes to town.
  8. I wouldn't trade the 5th overall pick in any package for the 3rd overall pick. I think Columbus wants NHL ready players, and cap space. I'd go with that, and try and give them something like: To Vancouver: 3rd overall pick (2016) Scott Hartnell LW To Columbus: Ben Hutton Alex Burrows (Retain 50% of salary) Linden Vey 2nd round pick (Columbus's pick we get 2017/18) 3rd round pick (Vancouver 2017) 5th round pick (Vancouver 2017) We select JP with the 3rd overall selection If Edmonton selects MT at 4th, then we go to Montreal and tell them we're select PLB at 5 unless they give us something decent: 9th overall selection, and a 2nd round pick. We take it, and a 9th we select whatever defence is left, if for some odd reason the top three are gone, then maybe Logan Brown. We get two top 10 picks and a second round pick back essentially. Habs do it because they get their French Centre And Columbus does the deal because I don't think they seem interested in drafting a prospect, they want cap space and NHL ready players. We give them three players, two younger cheaper ones and one cheap vet: plus three draft picks. Just a way I would approach it.
  9. Benning will be like, give me Hartnell the 3rd and a 7th and you can have our 5th and our 2nd rounders for the next 4 years. jk Not really.... Really....
  10. Haha, as am I! Yes, I was more just speaking in general, because I know people lose it at any hint of spoilers. Some people like reading the prologue to an episode, or title, others do not. I tend to avoid it as most costs (at least trailers).
  11. Yes, episode 9 is on tonight. Going to be a significant episode to the series, that's all I will say. Anyone want further detail, research.
  12. This episode is going to be lit! Little Finger is gonna save the day.
  13. I agree, I see Montreal and Edmonton getting a deal done. Montreal will draft Dubois, and Edmonton will take whatever defensemen is available at 9th. Toronto: Auston Matthews Winnipeg: Patrik Laine Columbus: Jesse Puljujärvi Montreal (EDM): Pierre-Luc Dubois Vancouver: Matthew Tkachuk Calgary: Olli Juolevi Arizona: Mikhail Sergachyov Buffalo: Alexander Nylander Edmonton (MON): Jacob Chychrun
  14. All right, that maybe true about the Wings, I was simply just giving an example of their franchise extended success compared to say ours. I can see your position and optimization here, and I respect it. However, I think you need to check optimization with pragmatism on a consistent bases. There are certain compatibles between the Sharks and Canucks, but there are also many degrees of differences between them. I don't think it is fair to compare Pavelski and Horvat, or Couture and Boeser, at least not yet. Maybe in 4-6 years we will be making such comparisons, but not for the upcoming season. The Goaltending and Virtanen/Hertl comparison I will agree, but only because goaltending is more of a hot/cold scenario, and very difficult to predict. Furthermore, I don't see anyone stepping up this upcoming season to become a legit top 2 defensemen (like Letang or Burns). I think the Canucks have some potential guys that could become top 2 guys (Trymakin and Grubdranson), but again, not next season.