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  1. Gilman with the best Horvat insight yet

    With the drafting of Pettersson, I would wager the Canucks are internally debating what Horvat's value is as a 1B (second line centre). Add in his likely hood of killing penalties and taking defensive draws, what is that value. Furthermore, they have to consider the CAP and whether it will increase or decrease over the next four or five seasons. The Canucks are going to have a lot of really good young guys wanting money and they do not want to find themselves in early cap problems.
  2. Haha, as am I! Yes, I was more just speaking in general, because I know people lose it at any hint of spoilers. Some people like reading the prologue to an episode, or title, others do not. I tend to avoid it as most costs (at least trailers).
  3. Yes, episode 9 is on tonight. Going to be a significant episode to the series, that's all I will say. Anyone want further detail, research.
  4. This episode is going to be lit! Little Finger is gonna save the day.
  5. I agree, I see Montreal and Edmonton getting a deal done. Montreal will draft Dubois, and Edmonton will take whatever defensemen is available at 9th. Toronto: Auston Matthews Winnipeg: Patrik Laine Columbus: Jesse Puljujärvi Montreal (EDM): Pierre-Luc Dubois Vancouver: Matthew Tkachuk Calgary: Olli Juolevi Arizona: Mikhail Sergachyov Buffalo: Alexander Nylander Edmonton (MON): Jacob Chychrun
  6. All right, that maybe true about the Wings, I was simply just giving an example of their franchise extended success compared to say ours. I can see your position and optimization here, and I respect it. However, I think you need to check optimization with pragmatism on a consistent bases. There are certain compatibles between the Sharks and Canucks, but there are also many degrees of differences between them. I don't think it is fair to compare Pavelski and Horvat, or Couture and Boeser, at least not yet. Maybe in 4-6 years we will be making such comparisons, but not for the upcoming season. The Goaltending and Virtanen/Hertl comparison I will agree, but only because goaltending is more of a hot/cold scenario, and very difficult to predict. Furthermore, I don't see anyone stepping up this upcoming season to become a legit top 2 defensemen (like Letang or Burns). I think the Canucks have some potential guys that could become top 2 guys (Trymakin and Grubdranson), but again, not next season.
  7. Given the competition in the West, and given our current roster I elect for the latter. Rather have another high pick, and continue to grow the farm team. The Canucks enjoyed nearly 8 years of playoffs and competitiveness. We're not the Red Wings, we can't turn 7th round picks into Gold, sadly.
  8. I think you're accurate in this likelihood--whether it is term or some clause--these big name players will want it.
  9. No way this is credible, this same guy tweets about the price for Stamko's rights is a 2nd round pick and young NHL-ready winger. Get out of here lol. So Beartchi and a 2nd round pick in 2017 gets us Stammer? Okay, done. We sign Stammer to a 6 year 64 million dollar deal with NTC NMC. NHL 17 doesn't come out for another couple months though....
  10. Not to my knowledge do the Habs hold two first round picks. They have the 9th overall pick, and I believe they have two second round picks, theirs and Minnesota's. So if we're trading down to 9th, we'd probably want their second round picks in that case, but is it worth it? We may get a defence there, but we may not.
  11. If he's around in the 6th or 7th round then I'd take a risk on him. He's a lefty so maybe him and Subban can play together and be the smallest d-pairing in the league....nice stats though, he is a great puck mover.
  12. NHL 17 Thread

    The most interesting things I have noticed regarding the Vision trailer is the GM mode features. It looks like you will have to deal with operation budgets as well--i.e., ticket prices, repairs, etc. Furthermore, it looks like you can now finally move your hockey team--i.e., move Arizona to Hamilton. These are some promising features, I hope they continue to build on these and fix the terrible trades, and contracts which past NHLs produced.
  13. [Extension] Derek Dorsett and Luca Sbisa re-signed

    We can be friends. You're a fool.
  14. [Extension] Derek Dorsett and Luca Sbisa re-signed

    Ugh, why are Canucks fans so b!tchy? The hatered is unfounded. The negativity is ignorant, and the simple hockey knowledge is limited. I'm a Canucks fan and I am ashamed to be associated with half this board. So what, are the playoffs a bust now? Has the sky fallen? Dorsett's contract is quite good and well deserved. I love the comments regarding him being a 4th liner, when the majority of the season he has been a third liner with powerplay time... He his a heart and soul player. You don't judge his play soley by goals and points (sorry analytic guys). There is a whole other factor to the game, one which Dorsett brings. His forecheck, ability to drive pucks to the net, and show up every game (while getting in the face of clowns like Dustin Brown and Big Buff). Without signing Dorsett, fans would have been mad that we let him walk and would complain about toughness. What is he going to play for free? What is a reasonable cap hit? 1.2, 1.3, 2.1? This is what agents are for, they try to max the value of their player, and the GM--Benning--tries to lower the value for what is best for the team. I say it is a good value, considering players like Bickle are playing with horrid contracts. Sbisa, I agree I would rather have seen 2.8 over three years, but for the sake of a couple hundred thousand I'll assume Benning didn't want him to walk for that amount, where a replacement may not be too easy. So it is 3 years, he can improve a lot....I look forward to seeing his progression. Hey, it could be worst (Gillis lovers), how about signing Sbisa to a 12 year 5.6 million cap hit....add in a NTC. #gming101