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  1. I think they were talking about his physical appearance (mostly his face) and not his play style
  2. Hughes plays about 4 minutes of the 5 minute 3 on 3. When we're ending games in regulation, his total ice-time will come down.
  3. It'll never happen, but McDavid deserves a game suspension for that elbow to OEL's jaw.
  4. Not that bad. Loved Myers hit on Keith! Pretty even game overall, we'll take the point and move on.
  5. Those PP units are uhh, interesting? I'd prefer: Garland Chaisson(Boeser)-Horvat-Pettersson Hughes. Pearson-Miller-Hoglander Myers-OEL Add podz instead of having 2D on PP2 if he's up to it.
  6. Because he can turn faster than a defender can commit to a hit. If you plant your feet to try to crush him, he'll be behind you before you realize you've missed
  7. It was taking a few extra days to get his US work visa sorted out. He has not yet joined the Sharks, but will be shortly.
  8. So McDavid gets traded to the Canucks before the game? Sweet!
  9. 5-3 Canucks. Bo with the first, Garland with the winner.
  10. Yeah, definitely more of a Horvat comparable than Pettersson. So the comparison is $5.5 x 6 vs $7.875 x 8, which seems pretty fair. More UFA years, signed a few years later = more dollars. Bo's deal is a solid bargain, Suzuki's probably will be too.
  11. My guess is a basenji mix, we don't know for sure. He's a street dog from Mexico
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