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  1. You know, I thought poultry and fowl were different things. Had to google it, turns out ducks are water fowl, chickens etc are land fowl, and they're all poultry so long as their being raised for meat or eggs. Huh, good stuff. 10/10 thread
  2. There's a Russian Community Center on West 4th. I'd love to see the team hire someone from there to show Podz around and teach him a few cultural/institutional/etc things that might be a surprise for a Russian when they first come to Canada. Even if they just spend 30 minutes a day with him for the first couple of weeks. Making him comfortable and letting him know there is a Russian community near by, in case he gets home sick, would go a long way.
  3. Looking very much like our 2018/2019 season. Definitely a step back from last year. I can't count how many games in January - March 2019 we got one or two early goals, then sat back for 40 minutes and lost 3-1 or 4-2.
  4. If we ever play an OT that lasts more than one shift, we'll probably see Hogs.
  5. Yeah, he has not played lile an 8+ million dollar player this year. I think the 8+ million neighborhood was based on his play last year, and especially in the playoffs. I could see him getting Boeser's deal of 5.85 x3 on a bridge, unless he really picks up his play.
  6. Yes, Luke is 6'2" and 176lbs. Pretty skinny, but that was the begining of the year weigh in when he had just turned 17 (September birthday). He'll be one of the youngest players in the draft and has lot of time to fill out a little bit.
  7. Man, I think I'll have to splerg and get centre ice. Like 3/4 of the games are blacked out for me and as much as I love you guys, following along on CDC doesn't quite do it. Hahaha
  8. 4-2 Van, Hoglander. He did well in our last game against Winnipeg
  9. I would be surprised if Nils wins the Calder, but it's a possibility. He's been really impressive so far and has exceeded my expectations. I wasn't sure he was going to be an NHL regular this year
  10. No they don't. Between Feb 25th, 2019 and today Tanner Pearson has 35 goals, Boeser has 33, Horvat has 34, Petey has 34, and Miller has 31. Pearson is the leading Canucks goal scorer since he joined the team.