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  1. What a $&!# head (McDavid). You're the Captain for pete's sake, you don't go to the bar with an alcoholic team mate and watch them drink! If he orders a beer you pull him aside and have a heart to heart, see what's going on that's making him reach for the bottle again, try to help him out. Call his wife if you have too. Pisses me off, look out for your teammates.
  2. Special teams in the first ~25 games of the season killed us. Despite the aweful record the team was even in goal differential at 5 on 5. If the PK was league average, we're a playoff team
  3. Yep. The first couple months were painful but after that the games were a lot of fun.
  4. Petey and Miller both sitting at 29 goals, when is the last time we had 3 30 goal scorers?
  5. That's great! I liked what he showed in his few starts with the Canucks this year. Can't beat that price either.
  6. It's subsonic, short range, and can not go head to head with manned fighters. It's a great tool for anti-drone, transport, helicopter, and slower attack aircraft work. It's a great piece of kit, but not a replacement for a 5th gen fighter.
  7. Most of the criticisms were out-dated arguments about it being single-engine (and there for not reliable enough to patrol the arctic). Both the finalists were single engine aircraft, and single-engines are plenty reliable. The other largest criticism (that I could tell) is that it only has 4 weapon hard-points in the internal bay (it has 6 more under the wings). If it uses the under-wing hardpoints, it loses stealth. I think that's a valid criticism when it's doing strike missions in contested air space (why pay that much for stealth when you'll render it moot if you give it enough weapons to both hit targets and defend itself from aircraft). But I don't think that is particularly relevant for arctic interdiction missions: You want to be seen.
  8. Canada selects the F35 for its next fighter: https://www.theglobeandmail.com/canada/article-canada-picks-us-made-f-35-fighter-jet-as-next-warplane/ It's a more mature product than it was a decade ago when Canada first sought to buy the F35. Now in its 4th 'block' of production: purchase and operating costs have fallen by about 15% and reliability has improved.
  9. Good officers who struggle with French get paid to take French classes so they can meet the requirements.
  10. It'll be interesting to see the DND section of the budget in a few weeks
  11. The Joint Support Ships have hospitals and strategic sea lift, both the JSS and CSC can have flag bridges. Adding a helicopter/drone carrier would be great (if a bit of a pipe dream). But why dedicate so much of the ship's tonnage to vehicle decks and a flooding well deck if the primary purpose is aviation?
  12. There is a huge list of priorities at DND ahead of having a mechanized amphibious cabability. Not sure they would provide all that much utility to the RCN unless you forsee them storming some beaches. The Harry De Wolfe ships can carry two platoons of infantry with light equipment (snow mobiles, etc) and deploy them directly onto the ice, which suits our Artic needs just fine. The RCN is (and has been for 80 years) a premier anti-submarine force which is capable of supplementing and escorting our allies carrier or amphibious strike groups, but has hardly ever had the strategic need for fielding its own amphibious strike groups.
  13. Rempal is just up to as an extra forward. He's on a two-way deal and his NHL salary is 6 times higher than his AHL salary. He's getting rewarded with some $$ as the team continues to rotate their spare forwards.
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