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  1. Hockey DB: 6'0", 191 lbs Elite Prospects: 6'4, 203 lbs Dobber Prospects: 6'1", 200lbs KHL website: 6'3.5, 203lbs It's all over the place lol
  2. "No Scubs" by TLC: Fits perfectly with our disdain for journeymen like Chaput, Megna, Michaelis, etc
  3. Seattle will have pleanty of actually useful high-salary players to chose from. They'll have no trouble reaching the cap floor.
  4. I probably wouldn't put Podkolzin (and definitely would not put Lind) in the top 6 to start. If they earn it throughout the year, great. Miller-Pettersson-Boeser Pearson-Horvat-Hoglander Motte-Wennberg/Haula/Danault-Podkolzin Highmore-Beagle-Lind (Maybe even Cizikas as a more budget option at 3C?) It would be great to have one of the rookies steal a top 6 spot and demote Pearson, but I'm not counting on it out of camp.
  5. Yeah, I was just looking at that too. Höglander is 1st in goals and 2nd in points among 2019 draft picks this season. He's darn good. Now, I don't know about 80 points/season good (Petey hasn't even done that yet). But Höglander is still great.
  6. If Edler want to sign a cheap 1 year deal to provide some veteran presence as a bottom pairing guy, I'd love to have him back. I really like Edler, but he just doesn't fit on our team next year if he wants more than 2 million (imo).
  7. Horvat has fought (and won the fight) Nurse before. If Bo can do it; Hamonic and Graovac can do it too.
  8. Yeah, hard to tell what they'd go for. Wennberg is currently getting 2.25 (plus 900k that CBJ is paying him from the buyout). He's having a pretty good year, but my guess is he'll sign around 2.5 - 3. I'd like to keep Hamonic and I think he'll be inexpensive. Emotionally, I'd love to keep Edler. I just really like the guy. But I don't know if he's actually a good fit going forward. Having Miller as 3C (and power play 1) would be a luxury, but I think it might weaken our top 6 too much. Edit: of course I say this, and then Wennberg goes and scores a hat-trick and se
  9. I've got my eye on Wennberg or Huala for that 3C spot, what do you think of them?
  10. I hope you get some ice-time as a birthday gift. Happy Birthday!
  11. Yeah, I think that's reasonable. I like keeping Highmore next year as a high-effort, bargain bin 4th liner.
  12. We need to have a few really cheap contracts to fill out the roster. Can you get much better than Highmore at $750k?
  13. Yes, it's standard boilerplate from the league. This would constitute a material breach of league/team rules on player conduct. It would likely end up being litigated, however.
  14. Short answer, yes. I think it would fall under this section: "fail, refuse, or neglect to obey the Club’s rules governing training and conduct of Players, if such failure, refusal or neglect should constitute a material breach." However, it would likely be taken to court.
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