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  1. I think so, as long as he isn't "the guy". Boston's 1st line is set, Hall as a secondary option is solid.
  2. Have you seen some of his interviews? Often gives very coherant, self-aware, introspective answers that are several minutes long. One of the most (publicly) coherant guys in the NHL.
  3. Disaggree. The 7th is for Arizona to retain the 12% on their cap dump of OEL. Probably a late 1st to dump Eriksson, but our 1st was top 10 so Arizona had to give back the value it would take to move up from the mid 20s to 9th in the draft (Garland). Paid a 2nd to dump Beagle and Roussell too -1st round pick (9OA) + Eriksson for Garland. -7th round pick for OEL with 12% retained. -Beagle, Roussel, and a 2nd round pick for cap space.
  4. Yes, regarding Eriksson. It sure did take a lot more than a 7th rounder.
  5. Think we'll try 2D on the first PP unit with OEL here? Horvat in the middle with Petey and Boeser shooting on their off wings and both OEL and Hughes at the point
  6. Incredibly impatient move. Just wait out those bad deals, it was only one more year. Keep the 9th OA and use the cap space next season to add a top 4 D.
  7. Agreed. I don't think the trade is a fit for Buffalo-Vancouver. The pieces they'd want in return are valued higher by us than Reinhart is. Hoglander + 1st is a non-starter for me. Hog has two more ELC years and is a productive player on his own, no way is it worth a 9th OA to upgrade from Hoglander to Reinhart. Nevermind the increase in cap hit
  8. The differences are not that large. Only the 50% of the salary is taxed in the team's home state/province. Away games are considered income earned in the province/state that the game is played.
  9. Per Frank Seravalli; expecting Boston to announce Taylor Hall re-signing after the roster freeze is lifted. In the neighborhood of 4 years x $6 million.
  10. Yes, have to keep him in the NHL at that point. Well, you only get to protect 7 forwards and usually have 14 on the NHL roster. So there have to be some that management thinks are NHL caliber, but not worth protecting.
  11. Yeah, hopefully (if they select Lind) they waive him during pre-season and we can take him back for free.
  12. KHL (and the SHL to some extent) can be really hard to judge offensive production for young players. It can be somewhat like the CHL, where undrafted 20-21 year olds are having huge offensive overage seasons, but are far worse than the 17-18 years-olds being drafted. Alex Oveckin only had 13 goals in 37 games for Moscow as a 19 year old (during the 2004-2005 lockout) then had a monster 52 goal, 106 point rookie year in the NHL the following year. Obviously Podkolzin isn't Ovi, but it's not unusual for young players to score at 1x - 1.2x their previous years points per game in the S
  13. He played pretty well for Utica last year, but it wasn't a lot of games. He still has room to grow at the AHL level and needs to play as much as possible. I don't think he will challenge for an NHL job at camp this year, but likely will in 2022.
  14. Yes, Hoglander is exempt. Likely Motte, and maybe Dickinson or Gadjovic? as other the other. I think it's likely, but not a given that Motte is protected. Edit: you beat me to it haha
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