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Threads With No Basis

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Just closed 3 threads and really can’t face this.

Someone tell me what to do about these threads with no basis, it's so frustrating my strands of patience are getting pushed together and I can already feel my brain being sore and its wiggling and crap and it hurts like hell and its only 6 AM and apparently it gets worse and I'm not prepared for that but what can I do for now it feels like there's someone constantly poking me and the extra weight and burden of this feels like someone's taken pliers and pinched my eyes together and I'm trying to just read the threads and all the spam and crap is getting in my way and not down the page and I just want to rip out my eyes what can I do

A friendly reminder not to spam. All the new "aces" making threads that rhyme with braces should have put their responses in that thread to further their cases. Although they are rather witty and creative (better than my lame attempt), we don't need 900 threads all spawned from the same idea and lacking anything new.


The party poopin no fun police.


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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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