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  1. Vancouver Canucks management including Henrik Sedin (far left), Daniel Sedin (bottom), scout Thomas Gradin (centre), general manager Jim Benning (second from right) and assistant GM John Weisbrod (far right) take in the first on-ice day of the NHL club’s prospects mini-camp at Rogers Arena on Friday. PHOTO BY JASON PAYNE /PNG A bit of a summary for today here: https://theprovince.com/sports/hockey/nhl/vancouver-canucks/canucks-top-prospect-vasily-podkolzin-puts-best-foot-forward-right-off-the-hop
  2. Ripken the bat dog is awesome!


    1. -DLC-


      What a great idea to have a dog doing this job.  Shelter dogs should get a gig.

    2. Alflives


      That’s one of the coolest things I’ve seen.  As

      Ella May Clampett would say, “Critters are people too, Pa”.  

    3. Alflives
  3. Kind of hoping maybe they'll get educated while they're at schools.
  4. Bunch of clowns. Schools are OFF LIMITS....they should be arrested not dispersed.
  5. Thing is, Point is 3 years older and has 3 more years in the league than Petey. So to argue that Petey isn't where Point's at is a bit unrealistic....in 3 years he may be where Point is at. We don't know and that's a chance a team has to take rather than lose a player WITH that potential and Petey's skillset. Actually Petey stacks up pretty well against Point. Look at the team Point's on...matters. Don't be selling Petey short.
  6. Super stoked to hear hockey sounds.  Pucks and sticks on ice is music to my ears.



    1. Ghostsof1915


      I know it's a little thing. But I love the fact all the players are smiling. 

    2. -DLC-


      Me too my friend.  



    1. Drive-By Body Pierce

      Drive-By Body Pierce

      Save that clip for when they have a combined big night! :frantic:

  8. So why are people on Twitter saying 3 X 8 Petey 8 X 8 Quinn?  Did I miss something?  Two or three different people now.  I imagine this is just pure speculation?

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    2. Chicken.


      People are hopeful 

    3. Mike Vanderhoek

      Mike Vanderhoek

      Hoping just speculation, the annual values if correct are a problem.  Good players yes, but the trend during a flat cap era with the younger players and huge dollar contracts is mind boggling. In the minority I'm sure.

    4. Iron Fist

      Iron Fist

      not really mind boggling. average career of nhl player is 32 @Mike Vanderhoek after that its league minimums

  9. I've had two...they were spaced about 6 weeks apart or so.
  10. B.C. health officials reported 1,984 new cases of COVID-19 over the past three days, along with nine deaths. There were 823 cases from Friday to Saturday while 641 cases were reported from Saturday to Sunday, and 520 from Sunday to Monday. Of the new cases, 542 were in the Interior Health region, 319 cases were in the Vancouver Coastal Health region, 609 were in the Fraser Health region, 220 were in Island Health, and 294 were in Northern Health. The province said from Sept. 3 to 9, people who were not fully vaccinated accounted for 77.8 per cent of cases. From Aug.
  11. Love girl bands...they weren't as dolled up as Band Maid, but they rocked it in my favourite era. (Miss you 90's)
  12. Green eyes and alien chant.... From 3:10 on....the song rocks my soul.
  13. -DLC-

    NFL thread

    (He also just had a great little run on a reverse play...nearly in for the TD) Deb's Chase Watch.
  14. Again, someone speaking for him and about him. Can you point out a reference to it being a joke? Maybe as a kid in Sweden growing up with a dream of playing hockey he'd heard of these two guys named...the Sedins? And, quite possibly, that had an impact on him? Not suggesting the shirt was intentional but I'm quite sure he likely knew about Vancouver.
  15. "Yet"....that's to be determined. The hope is that he will be. I, too, am a huge Lumme fan...he was incredible. I kind of hate the greatest "ever" because, for me, things evolve over time and so nothing should claim a "forever" title. It's like music for me...the greatest ever 20 years ago has changed as new stuff is introduced. There's no denying Quinn has something special...where that takes him is yet to be determined.
  16. He was a favourite of mine, but the reality is the game is MUCH faster than it was. Quinn's pretty elusive and good at maneuvering out of trouble. Don't sell him short on his ability to use his skating in ways others use brute force.
  17. We have a guy who desperately wants to win - spends lots of extra hours perfecting his craft so he can contribute to that. And people don't like his attitude. I'd rather have this competitive mindset than a floater who just wants to collect a paycheque. Petey works hard and is simply trying to secure his future as most top level athletes look to do. There is nothing suspect about that...it's the agents who drive these conversations and the players hire them for a reason.
  18. This is so many shades of garbage. Do NOT try to speak for our players. If you're making character assessments from interviews in a language new to a player who is obviously a bit awkward and new to it all, that's on you not them. "He's hated being on the team since day #1"? A selfish clown? Quite trolling. I, too, am an excellent judge of character from reading between the lines. Can you point out where either of these two have "complained about having to play in (this) city"? I'll wait.
  19. Micheal Reilly 1st quarter stats: 10 for 10, 180 yards, 3 TD passes
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