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The legendary career of Frederick 'Cyclone' Taylor

Robin Keith Thompson



This is my lead article on http://www.chillerinstinct.com/ right now and I implore you to have a closer look at one of the game's first true superstars. There is a reason that his son Fred Taylor Jr. saw fit to name an entire sporting good store chain after his sire.

As I was working on a profile for Cyclone Taylor for a European/Swedish database site that I work for (Eliteprospects.com), I got more and more intrigued about the legacy of the man. Every once in a while I put up a prospect or two and try to find a classic/early days player not found in the 81,000+ players situated on their database.

So, afterwards I started poking around and reading up a bit more about him and sat down to write a brief article about him. I knew he was a 'legend' of hockey and one of the greats - an inductee of the Hockey Hall of Fame. I did not know that when breaking ground to build the HHOF that they sought out Taylor to 'turn the sod' at the ceremony to begin construction.

His on ice accomplishments are incredible. Scoring 190 career regular season goals does not seem like a lot at first glance, until you consider that he never played more than 20 games in a season. 294 points is also a stellar number when you consider the second assist was not counted to pad one's stats until much later.

Enjoy hockey enthusiasts...

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Robin Keith Thompson

2 August 2010



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