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Attention Louie The season starts in September not December!



Attention Louie: The season starts in September not December! Why is it every year it takes you a quarter of the season to get into top form? Granted you played a lot of hockey last year but, still it shouldn't take you this long to get back into top form. I know I'm being picky,so what else is new, but if we are going to win the cup at some point during your tenure here. You have to come out of the gate with a more consistent game. Maybe it's because, in the past you have had to carry the load no matter what. Well, this year that's not the case. Cory has done a brilliant job when ever needed. Thank God! In the last ten games it looks like you have finally rounded into form. I just wish coach V. would be a little quicker to pull you or Corey. It seems coach V always waits until one of you give up three or more goals before he pulls you. In most cases that is too little too late. accept against Montreal the other night but, occasions like that are few and far between and the exception to the rule. Just a thought. Now that said as someone once said." Winning isn't everything it's the only thing." Remember that and, Go Conics Go!


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The season started October 6th. Luongo's first start wasn't until the last pre-season game which was also in October.

As the team has proven over the past few years, they don't need to come out of the gate with a more consistent game. They're tied for 4th and climbing the standings quickly. Minnesota just needs to stumble once and the Canucks will catch them.

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Since the hockey season starts in October I thought this was about Louis CKs show on FX... disapointed

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