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  1. First Ryan, now Kevan. How many Millers are there left in the NHL?
  2. Maybe, maybe not. Maybe a combination of factors. I didn't ask Poile, so I don't know for sure. I just don't see the whole concept behind trading a "great young forward" away for peanuts just to avoid losing him in the draft when they will still have to lose someone in the draft. I tend to agree with @NewbieCanuckFan's idea of tossing Seattle a pick (or other player) to avoid taking certain players. We saw that happen with Vegas, although GMs may be shy to do that again.
  3. He's 28, had some injury troubles. Maybe trying to get value for him while they can? Maybe admitting they aren't good enough to contend and are trying to retool without going full tank? Could be so many reasons.
  4. I would think most teams will have to expose more than one good player. And then, the scenario still only works if the team trading for said player doesn't have enough good players to protect, otherwise they are losing a good player too.
  5. Let me understand. Instead of just losing him in the draft they would lose him in a trade and still have to lose someone else in the draft?
  6. Expansion fees are not considered part of hockey related revenue and are not taken into consideration for the salary cap. One of the big problems here is that if the cap continues to go up and the revenues do not, then escrow needs to increase. But the players have a deal on escrow with the league for the next few years. The 50/50 share has not changed. At this rate, the players are going to owe entire years' salaries back.
  7. Apology accepted. Playoffs are their own bracket. There is already a trophy for the regular season and nobody really cares about it. Many teams basically coast through the regular season, and are focused entirely on the playoffs.
  8. You are a wiser man than I. They are solid, sure. But I never predicted that they would get this far. I thought it was going to be the Oilers, but then they would lose to the Avalanche. Look how that turned out for me.
  9. I guess it depends on whether you consider the Habs run a great streak, or a sign of things to come. To me, they look like a team that has caught fire, mostly fueled by the confidence that comes from Price's goaltending. That is hard to replicate unless you have the right goaltender.
  10. I hope you are right. I am just worried about unintended consequences.
  11. The downside would be, if they are misused. I would hate to see this opportunity squandered because the front office doesn't have their crap together.
  12. Normally I don't agree with anything @Squamfan posts, but in this case, I don't know that he's wrong. The timing just seems a little suspicious. Would this move have happened if there hadn't been "Fire Benning" chants and banners? Would it have happened if the team had made the playoffs? Don't get me wrong, I love the Sedins in this role. Maybe it is a genuine move, but it just feels desperate to me.
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