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Time to say BYE to Loo!



Honestly, were stuck with this over paid, over rated goalie for another 11 years. First thing take away the C, he doesn't come close to earning it. I suggest they put Raycroft in net for the next game, can't do any worse. Is Loo aware of his new title, the trampoline, everything that hits him bounces back.

While there at it get rid of the underachieving Demitra. Maybe they can make more deals this summer for more Samuelson's and Ehrhoff's and then just give away the dirt bags that show up but don't play.

You know maybe they can trade Louongo to Toronto, they seem to like average players, plus that jerk there is the one that got us stuck with him in the first place.

Another year of wasted time watching a team that can't get past the second round, and again against Chicago, how sad for Vancouver fans who try to stay so loyal.

A last point, when the hell is ownership going to get rid of that stupid Orca and make Johhny Canuck our logo, never know it just might spark something in the team.



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i totally agree...the C should be taken!! There are better and hard working players on our team that deserve it...players that have been with the canucks from the start!! and if our "Captain" isnt producing how can the rest of the team produce!!

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Lui should never been given the C. Should have gone to Mitchell and now it should go to Kesler or Henrik Sedin (never would have said Hank before...(

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As of May 2010, there is NOBODY worthy of carrying the "C" on their shoulder. Kesler has been very average, Henrik has been average, Mitchell's days with Vancouver are probably over... I could see Salo with the "C" considering his tenure and experience, but he probably doesn't even want that role. Toews has proven his ability to lead the team, and he's leading the playoffs in points. Henrik and Kesler? Nah...

Besides, when Luongo got the captaincy, it was then that the "C" meant absolutely nothing to this team. It's just a formality.

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Lou is not the Lou that he used to be... Sad But True...

His rebound control getting out of hands.

Who to blame for PP goals?

Lou is the top on the list. Gave up big rebound every shots.

How to fix it?

Tell Lou to Grab a PUCK !

Every time he try to control the puck behind the net, It ends up give to Opponent.

He may be the hero for Team Canada but Not for Canucks !

Trade him for Two young De Men and bring up Cory.

Alain's French favorites (Alex and Lou), They need more discipline.

They got to comfy these days.

"C" ? Team don't care who gets it, now....

Give it to Johnson or Sedins.

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i hate all of yooooo get real back your team... you guys are just like wings bandwagoners... next year when he is lights out you'll all jump on again.

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Bandwagoners. Don't come back when the Canucks win this series. In fact don't even watch the game tonight, you guys are a disgrace to Canucks fans everywhere.

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Why does it matter every game doesn't have to be perfect and you know what he played great may 9th way to keep faith they can't win every year and trade Luongo are you kidding he's amazing and you know what Sask_nuck17 is right. If you lose faith because of three games your not a true fan. And he deserves the "C".2e6c8lc.png2utgv3d.gif

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Why would they change it to the Johnny Canuck logo? :blink:

Why should they change the Logo? Cause the stupid whale sucks that's why. The Johnny Canuck logo is way better. If we have a stupid whale for our logo might as well call us the Whalers!

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This is absolute crazy talk...the C stays with Luongo win, lose or draw. Luongo is the hardest working player on the ice and is the most committed to winning of anybody on our team

Sometime in the near or distant future Lou will bring the cup to Vancouver.

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Cant we argue about dumb crap when the season is over. Obviously we are not putting Raycroft in net, and obviously we should not be talking about who our captain is in the middle of the playoffs, stupid comments!!! Just enjoy the game, watch it in your favorite spot, and support the team!!!!!!!


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OK, nothing is more annoying than a fair weather fan (bandwagon jumper)!! A fan doesnt look at his work schedule to see if he can go to a game, he jumps on a plane for 7 hours because his team is in the stanley cup playoffs, no questions asked!! How can you say that Lu should be gone......the only way these type of fans are happy is if he records a shut out every game of the season, and then every game in the playoffs. I bet you all loved Lu during the Olympics when he jumped into the biggest games, all elimination style, for his country on the world stage and did what?..................WON GOLD!!! you all cheered along with me I know you did.

There was a struggle in the playoffs, but different people stepped up during those struggles. When offence didnt score, defence did, the penalty kill struggled, AV stepped in, made changed and then got it on track. When MG needed to sign key players to long deals to insure a long range of playoff runs he did. When players needed to score to get them to the post season they did!

People who did not play the game, or were not any good, or dont understand what a team needs to win, are the ones that make key players leave teams, and normally end up being reporters or Gary Bettman!! Lu is a leader, and a leader wears a "c" any true atlete knows this.

The season is over, but there is a next year,

p.s. Canadian Olympic host cities won the cup the year after hosting! which if history has shown us anything, it repeats itself, I'll be cheering from game #1, not game #60 on.

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