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  1. Bowey hit me harder then anyone has ever hit me in a bantam tournament in Minnesota. Could hardly breathe for about 10 mins So I hope he gets cut
  2. Looks like I was pretty close on garland and Schmidt to! I think Petey and Hughes will make more then I suggested however.
  3. Yes! I like your train of thought. maybe Dickinson can emerge from a checking C to a two way C. Sort of like how Kesler developed in his mid 20’s. One can hope I totally agree we need a long term RD option. On the right side of 30. However those dont grow on trees and cost an arm and a leg. I think we have extended ourselves enough as a team and need to find some cheap gems that out produce their salary. cheers
  4. Yeah Granlund might be too rich. Perhaps a water down version. I do fear Dickinson lacks the playmaking ability to anchor a productive 3rd line. Which we all want if it’s hogz and podz. I think we need a equal talent C as dicky, but just a different play style. Maybe Derek Ryan? Greg McKegg might be a good option for a 4/5th nhl c. Very close with Bo I believe outside of hockey. I really like lockwoods game! At a certain point, there are 4-5 guys that fill our 4th line wings. as for rathbone he and olli a wash. That’s why I have 4 pairings. Just want 8 NHL caliber guys. Cheers
  5. Here is my hopes for off-season. Miller - Petey - Boeser Pearson - Horvat - Garland Hoglander - Granlund - Podkolzin Motte - Dickinson - Macewan Gadjovic - X - Highmore OEL - Hamonic Hughes - Hakanpaa Juolevi - Myers Rathbone - Schenn Demko Holtby Petey - 6x 7.25 Dickinson - 3 x 2m Garland - 5x 4.5m Mikael Granlund - 2x 3.5m Hughes - 4 x 5.5 Hamonic - 2x 3.75m Schenn - 2x .950k Hakanpaa - 2x 1.25m Trade Schmidt for combination of picks and prospects (3rd + B prospect sounds good) Trade Holtby if possible but not a deal breaker. Would be easier to move at TD with money retained. feedback?
  6. It is very early....and it may be some KGB arranged Mob wedding. None the less, I like seeing prospects take on big life experiences outside of hockey. To me it shows that he is not wanting to be some playboy on the road and focus more on things that matter to him, like family and hockey.
  7. Congrats podz on getting married
  8. Yeah exactly my thinking. 3rd maybe even a 2nd. Who knows how to rank these guys lol
  9. I want Oscar Plandowski at some point in this drat. He is RHD who skates like the wind, shoots hard, plays good in his own end and on transition. He even fights to stand up for teammates. Also has NHL bloodlines and power skating coach for a mother.
  10. Jake is nothing but problems. If only he had a brain. waste of talent
  11. https://podcasts.apple.com/cz/podcast/spittin-chiclets-episode-39-featuring-jimmy-vesey/id1112425552?i=1000390405851 I think hes been on chiclets a few times. Maybe worth a listen if you want to here something not from Vancouver Media.
  12. You know it is possible Petey could get hurt and it not be a dirty play by other team. it’s hockey idk how you could misconstrue that. Pretty simple statement. Thanks for tip on language arts Mr. Blake Price
  13. I can’t tell tone very well online haha but I think youre joking. I’m not saying hockey = automatic injury. I’m saying you can get injured in hockey and it not be a malicious attack on Canucks nation
  14. You know it is possible Petey could get hurt and it not be a dirty play by other team. it’s hockey
  15. I like that and it got me thinking. Pearson - Horvat - Petey .... this could be a great high min line. Could be used to match top lines while also scoring. Pears: digs out pucks, works front of net, has a good shot/deflections. Horvat: heavy on puck but not a great playmaker. Can bury and is great two way. Petey - would be play driver, doesn’t need to be first guy back or down low. Can focus more on getting quality scoring chances. hog - JT - Boeser .....this could be a high scoring 2nd line that would get easier match ups. Hogz can be a puck hound play maker miller can be be two way C with great play among ability Boeser can be a great scorer who is still underrated two way Then when Podz comes in he simply replaces Pearson.
  16. Jay Beage - "That guy, he's tough!..... You're not!..... He's tougher then you." LOL thats some low iq chirping, but still love it. Pretty sure im reading lips right
  17. I think Mac is so close to being a solid bottom 6 guy, he is fast, full of energy, good shot and surprisingly good hands. The one thing I notice Mac needs to do better is getting the puck out of the zone at the defensive blue line. He always seems to be looking for the guy coming to hit him, rather then just chipping it out. Just a half second quicker on the decision making and he could have a long career in the NHL. He is easily our toughest player, the only other guys who can scrap on the team are Horvat & Benn... Myers, Virt, Rous and Hamonic can hold their own but they are not intimidating at all. I bet him and Watson have a go tonight.
  18. I would say Gauds had a good reason. Slew fight last scrimmage of camp. regardless I like the battle from both.
  19. Podz looking like a landeskog/burrows/hornqvist/igninla/radulov/horvat love child
  20. Damn CDC cares more about getting payback physically and hurting people than winning.
  21. Make a pass.... trying to be way too fancy. chip it down the ice and get on the forecheck. Drop pass in neutral zone to wild forward isn’t much of a game plan
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