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  1. Edit it like a minute before your post saying "NVM, didn't know he got injured again." Again, sorry. Would just delete it but I don't know how to lol
  2. Makes me sad that they're not giving him a chance. RW sniper who did great in Sweden and pre season and is not being played While there are guys like Megna, Skille, and Gaunce who get playing time and even on the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd line. I don't think they will resign him and I hope another team like Dallas signs him and actually gives him a chance. EDIT: Oh NVM, I heard it's because of his knee... my mistake. I'm a &^@#ing idiot.
  3. Corey Schwab? That's the only other guy from the 1990 draft I know of that played for both the Leafs and Canucks...
  4. IK, I just put that one up for fun, because he's probably the most unknown hockey player in history. Would've been surprise if anyone knew him.
  5. Ah, I see. xD Well.. can you guess my next one? Didn't play for the Canucks. ... Okay, its been a while, so I'll just say it. Alex Wellington.
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