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  1. 3 seasons of lackluster play strongly backs up the narrative that OEL may not be great.
  2. Winnipeg fans absolutely hate this guy, and there's a reason their management group felt the need to completely re-vamp their D core this offseason.
  3. If any other team in the Pacific had a right side of Myers, Hamonic and Poolman, we'd all laugh at how weak they were.
  4. Much better price than Holtby's for a much better current goalie. Canucks should have been after Khudobin instead.
  5. Truly horrific contract. Holtby is a shell of his former self and has not been impressive since the Cup run. Gross overpayment. Hope Green turns to Demko for any meaningful game.
  6. This will be painful. Marky I hope you got paid buddy!! Best of luck!
  7. He won't sit out. AZ was the one who approached him about a trade. The relationship has obviously soured now and the best thing for both parties is to move on, but there's absolutely no evidence that he would be more than likely to sit out and not play in order to be traded.
  8. "One hand on the Stanley Cup" would be more like making it to the Cup finals at very least, and more realistically, making it to game 7 of the Cup finals. The 2011 team had one hand on the Cup, but this team definitely was not there this past playoffs.
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