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  1. Season start is expected to be 5 February with training camp opening around the 25th. No different than any US team that kept their affiliate close. Travel distance is just more convenient in the East with so many teams closer to one another. Seattle btw is setting their affiliate in Palm Springs rather than up North. If ever Vancouver decides to relocate they too might prefer being down South closer to the Pacific affiliates. At the time they chose Utica the teams in the West were far more spread out. Calgary, LA had their affiliates in the East. One of the major arguments to have their affiliate in Utica was to have more practice time with all teams pretty close to one another. In Abbotsford they would be isolated. It’s also cheaper to have an occasional call up travel over than needing to fly for each games and have the whole team stay in hotels on the road.
  2. Vancouver tried but teams can’t just offer guys what they want as it has a ripple effect on the rest of the roster and the future. Demko would be exposed in expansion and blocked by Markstrom. He could well be the one asking out. Also don’t want to be tied down to a player if he starts to regress - see how long 6 years are looking for Eriksson. Canucks are built around Hughes/Pettersson who are in their early 20s. They will still be in their prime in 4 years while Markstrom might not. Demko’s timeline fits with theirs better. Markstrom has masked a lot of flaws. It might not be a bad thing to have them exposed so they can find a sustainable fix. Will force them to re-think how they play in front of their goalies and whether they even have the right personnel.
  3. Costs. All 3 Canadian teams with affiliates in the US have decided against relocating because it would be far too expensive to relocate for the season. There’s also no team in close vicinity which adds travel and hotel costs to go and play games. In Utica they bus for the majority of games and players get to sleep at home. It gives also more practice time.
  4. It’s not a new rule. Checking on the article it looks like a trade back to the original team would be possible but the waiver issue remains. NJD would have taken Boucher back from Nashville and assigned him to their AHL team if that was an option. NJD waived Boucher who was claimed by Nashville. After a few games Nashville waived him and NJD claimed him back. They weren’t able to assign him to the AHL because another team had put in a claim (NJD had waiver priority). They still decided to waive him to try and send him to the AHL and he was then claimed by Vancouver. From the CBA (not the CBA MOU). Art. 13.20 (b) Trade Restrictions of Claimed Player(s): A Player who has been acquired by Waiver claim shall not be Traded to another Club until the termination of Playoffs of the season in which he was acquired unless he is first offered on the same terms to the Club(s) that entered a claim when Waivers were requested originally and the offer has been refused.
  5. Habs have been moving players to the taxi squad on off-days to save cap space and then recalling them for the game. Last time it was Romanov. Guess they will be rotating who draws the short straw as it’s over 10 times less in salary as they are on ELCs, but they are waiver free.
  6. Others in close contact might have to isolate too. If they get below the taxi squad would expect games to be postponed rather than have a team play significantly short-handed. Here are the names:
  7. It might just be a scare like for Vancouver when they cancelled practice. Teams are required to book additional hotel rooms beyond their time in town for any game just in case part of their traveling party has to be left behind to self-isolate.
  8. Per Russo. Minnesota is in Anaheim and Colorado in LA. Being just a short drive away they can avoid quarantine and both players are immediately available to play. The trade came together in a hurry because of that. Guerin was quoted saying Soucy played some of his best hockey on RD. Would allow him to move to the right. Cole is also a left shot but like Soucy can play both sides. Cole has better trade value in case they decide to sell at the TDL. For Colorado it’s to create cap space and open up a spot for Byram/Timmins per Bauch.
  9. The trade restriction is limited to offering him to teams who also put in a claim at the same time but that does not include the original team. Carolina could have still traded Forsberg although Edmonton most certainly wanted him back. Smith went on LTIR and they had to promote their 4th goalie without Forsberg. Forsberg was also still in Edmonton and could avoid the 7 day quarantine. Edmonton couldn’t get Forsberg back without Carolina putting him back on waivers first. When Carolina put him back on waivers he was claimed by Winnipeg who were new to make a claim and had waiver priority over Edmonton. If Edmonton had waiver priority over Winnipeg they would have had to keep him on their main roster and would need waivers to assign him to the taxi squad as they were not the only team to put in a claim.
  10. That age 35+ cap hit is only for multi-year contracts and Spezza has a 1-year deal - in case of retirement the cap hit is removed. On the subject, depending on the contract structure the cap hit could also be removed for age 35+ multi-year contracts. The accounting rule for multi-year age 35 contracts has been adjusted in the CBA MOU approved this summer. If the salary structure is flat or back-loaded and there is no signing bonus past year 1 of the deal, then the cap hit is entirely removed from the books. Corey Crawford signed an age 35+ contract but is off NJDs books thanks to that rule change. Datsyuk had a 7.5M aav but was supposed to earn only 5.5M his final year - would have still stayed on the books under the new rule as the contract was front loaded.
  11. Looks like teams can trade players claimed off waivers. Carolina tried to trade Anton Forsberg who they claimed off waivers from Edmonton. They had claimed him as insurance in case their taxi squad goalie Nedeljkovic did not make it through waivers. As they did not want to carry 3 main goalies on their main roster they put him back through waivers. He was then claimed by Winnipeg as they had waiver priority over Edmonton.
  12. Friedman was just wondering if Edmonton would claim Dell from the Leafs as they will be in Toronto next week and can just pick him up.
  13. Eric Crawford was director of amateur scouting. Brackett was promoted after Crawford was released. Virtanen was drafted out of the WHL - Brackett was scouting the USHL before his promotion.