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  1. Taxi squad. Players can’t be recalled directly from the AHL and have to go through the taxi squad. It’s part of the transition rules for this season.
  2. For Sautner and Rafferty to be recalled to the NHL roster ahead of Juolevi would suggest that he is one of the taxi squad players still out with Covid. CapFriendly shows that they would have the cap space to recall Juolevi.
  3. They didn’t say whether it was a variant but NJD and Minnesota had nearly all their team affected. A player on the Wild said it felt like being run over by a bus. Sounded pretty bad for some with also lost of smell and taste. It was visible on the ice that things were rough. They were still missing 9 roster players when they returned to play and had to call up several players from Iowa.
  4. That’s incorrect. Only players with a career ending injury are automatically exempt. The NHL with input from the NHLPA makes that determination. There were a dozen players last time.
  5. They were called up when the Canucks went into lockdown. They have already cleared quarantine and have been added to the taxi squad. They didn’t recall anyone from Utica but the ones loaned to other farm teams in Canada. Lind was already in Vancouver.
  6. It’s the NMC rule for expansion. Free agency is not 1 July - it has been pushed back to 28 July as part of the transition rules: “All SPCs which are scheduled to expire on June 30, 2021 are hereby extended and shall remain valid and effective until July 27, 2021, unless otherwise agreed to by the parties.”
  7. They can protect 4 Ds too. Kind of expect them to make a deal for Seattle to pick Johnson. With how Brisebois talked about how they’ve never considered trading Cernak, Cirelli, Sergachev, says they need them if they want to win again, just can’t see them being exposed or traded.
  8. Why wouldn’t they protect him? McKenzie lists him among their untouchable players. They can either go 7F + 3D or 4F + 4 D without exposing any of their untouchables. Kucherov Cirelli Point Stamkos (NMC) Hedman Cernak Sergachev They’ve looked into moving everyone else last off-season.
  9. For the NMC to apply for the expansion draft it has to cover both this season and next. An NMC on his extension would not protect him from expansion. They would have to also add an NMC on his current contract. The more NMCs/NTCs they hand out and it probably gets harder to avoid them as other players will expect them too. A verbal agreement seems like a reasonable approach.
  10. Why didn’t the Canucks consult with their players before agreeing to the schedule? Wouldn’t Horvat be involved as the Canucks’ NHLPA representative? From the article: The biggest surprise about Miller’s comments is that the schedule was put together in consultation with the NHL, the NHLPA and the Canucks. Medical professionals from all three sides were involved. There should be multi-lateral agreement on the correct path.
  11. Komarov has the same cap hit as Roussel and also a year left. An NHL executive tells Staples that he doesn’t think a 1st will even be enough to move his contract. Seattle can’t buy Roussel out. They’ll probably have better ways of using up that cap space.
  12. Very much doubt that NJD would even have interest in Schmidt. He doesn’t fit their timeline. NJD waived Vatanen and scratched Gusev because they wanted those spots for their kids. They have been deliberately moving out veterans. See NJD more signing 1 year UFAs then giving up the youth they hope to keep long term. Shero in part lost his job because ownership wanted him to involve more their analytics department. Holtby is performing below expected. Schmidt isn’t all that reliable defensively per the evolving-hockey model.
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