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  1. From the CBA's non-exhaustive list of circumvention examples that could lead to fines counting against the salary cap and even the loss of draft picks. Not certain it's worth the risk as it could serve as deterrent to all other teams - Vancouver not the only team with unwanted contracts. Just see how severely Bettman punished Arizona for the combine testing violation while still recognising that the team was not aware of the situation. (e) A Club and a Player, during the Player's active career, agree that upon the Player's retirement, he will receive a sum of money for services to be provided to the Club after retirement. (f) A Club or Club Actor pays a Player or Player Actor for a "no-show" job, or for a job in which the payment to the Player or Player Actor clearly exceeds the fair market value of the services rendered.
  2. It's not the Leafs but his agent Dan Milstein that posted that announcement.
  3. There's no reason for Ottawa to spend that money though and use up their cap space. They are better off just letting Vancouver deal with Eriksson on their own.
  4. Ottawa is already above the floor. Adding Eriksson just increases their costs + he uses up a roster spot. Melnyk said earlier this year that expects his team to make the playoffs this coming season. He talks of youth in the lineup and being legit contenders in the short future. They went out and gave 15M to Dadonov over 3 years - doubt they intend to be bad for 2 of those 3 years. They didn't have to sign him and would have already been above the floor. Feels like a pretty strong signal that they want to take the next step and aren't looking to be dragged down by bad contracts. Ottawa has plenty of prospects and at all positions and it's not like they can just continue to add - there are contract limits. Sounds like they think it's now time to climb up the standings so it doesn't feel like they'd be wanting to add cap dumps. Teams make more money when their team is successful.
  5. Toffoli's agent Pat Brisson was on a Montreal talk show and said they had some 8-10 teams interested in him. Did he really take a bargain or was it the best offer he got out of all those teams interested in him. Several players on that list that have filed for arbitration. Kekalainen said he gave Domi that contract because he figured that's what he'd get in arbitration. Arbitration doesn't allow to take into account the financial condition of the league or the team. Arbitration is also 2 years at most and teams wanted to retain their players. I am not convinced the model works as well for middle of the lineup UFAs (or close to be) vs elite players à la Pietrangelo or young RFAs with upside. I think middle of the lineup UFA players are the ones that are being affected the most with the drop in revenue. That's where I'd peg Brown on the open market. I am not sure he is a key player for the Senators going forward. Would he be for another team? If Brown gets to walk as UFA which team do you think will want and can sign Brown at their projection?
  6. As per the CBA they use neutral arbitrators from the National Academy of Arbitrators. The NHL and NHLPA elect together 8 arbitrators. They typically use the same year on year but the dates of the hearings have changed and not all 8 might be available. It's unclear if all the arbitrators they are using this year have already ruled on hockey cases.
  7. They can walk away if the ruling is more than 4.539M this year - if it's less they have to sign him to the award.
  8. Ottawa seems to want to be competitive though. Why pay Dadonov 15M if they don't intend to be competitive over those 3 years - it's just throwing money away. If they want to tank another 2 years they could have just skipped making that deal. Back in May Melnyk was saying that their intention is to make the playoffs this coming season. Doesn't look like they want to take on bad contracts. He has said that he would spend up to the cap once he feels the team is ready to take the next step. He talks of having a lot of their prospects in the lineup this coming season with the intention to be legit contenders in a few years. The tanking days look to be over - they are looking to climb up the standings per his interview.
  9. Toffoli's projection vs what he ultimately got. Their projections don't factor in that it's a pandemic and that the market has adjusted. Do you have any teams in mind who would want to pay Brown that kind of contract? I don't see an obvious fit with most teams not having a lot of cap space.
  10. I wouldn't even expect him to get 3M on the open market. He would probably not get the same usage on another team. Several teams still have their own players to sign and many are already short on cap space.
  11. Don't see Brown getting that kind of role on another team. LeBrun among others feels like things could be even rougher in a year for UFAs. This could be another shortened season with close to no fans in the stands. Feels like a gamble from his side to go to arbitration over trying to get a 2-3 year contract. In a year as UFA will he even get 2.25M? His ask is also above the ~4.539M walk-away limit - don't see him getting that kind of money on the open market if the Senators are allowed to walk away.
  12. CapFriendly has an expansion simulator where they list all the players available/exempt for expansion: The exposure requirements are shown at the top of the list - at least 2F and 1D marked in green need to be left exposed.
  13. Less than 40 games does not equate to exemption. Among the unprotected players at least 1 D has to have 40/70 games but all the other Ds exposed can have less.
  14. Juolevi is not exempt - he already has 2 pro-years and will need protection. The 40 games doesn't impact exemption. It's a minimum exposure requirement at the team level. Every team has to leave unprotected at least 1 D + 2 Fs with 40/70 games. There will also be Ds/Fs left unprotected who have not reached those minimum number of games.