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  1. That rule was changed in the CBA MOU approved last summer. Used to be 35% and has been reduced to 25%. At the previous 35% rate they were cap compliant. They simply had to shift 250K from year 3 to year 2. Would guess that it's Grubauer's agent that pushed for that structure. Escrow drops to 6% in year 3 so they probably wanted to have more salary in year 3 than year 2 where escrow is at 10%.
  2. No - they can't cover the bonuses with an LTIR contract on their books. Doesn't matter whether the player started the season on the roster or not. Höglander was brought up after Ferland went on LTIR, and although his recall cap hit increased by his 233K performance bonus, all his performance bonus is being carried over into this 2021/22 season. He earned less than his 233K target that was part of his recall cap hit, but none of it could be covered this past season. There's no banked cap space in LTIR. IE there's no residual cap space left at the end of the season to
  3. It's such a minor mistake. It happened also with SJS when they signed Boedker.
  4. Only players on the team's reserve list at the TDL and with a minimum AAV of circa 4M are eligible for that 2nd buyout window.
  5. Wasn't responding to the Cernak trade proposal but to the comment were you said "we may need that little extra space ourselves". Vancouver would be much better off if they could move Ferland. With Ferland on LTIR they are forfeiting any unused cap space as LTIR cap space can't be banked for future use. Without his contract they would have more cap space for their regular roster and would be able to limit the bonus overage.
  6. Buffalo probably wants to delay and let his new team decide but if surgery is inevitable would seem that Buffalo would be in favour of the more traditional fusion approach vs artificial disk replacement Didn't listen but from the synopsis by Sportsnet: Dr. Chad Prusmack is a neurosurgeon based in Colorado who has provided Jack Eichel with a recommendation to correct a herniated disc in his neck by proceeding with artificial disc replacement surgery. Jeff and Elliotte chat with Dr. Prusmack about the procedure, the recovery and the risk associated with the surgery, and why this s
  7. Seabrook is a negative but it lowered the cost to trade Johnson. The Paquette/Coburn trade for Nilsson/Gaborik's LTIR was also Tampa taking a negative back. In 2019, Brisebois traded Callahan's 5.8M LTIR contract and a 5th round pick for Mike Condon (2.4M cap hit) and a 6th round pick. Condon never played for Tampa and spent all season in the AHL/ECHL. They figured they would be better off with Condon's 1.3M buried cap hit on their books than to have Callahan's LTIR contract. Brisebois explained that they didn't want to operate in LTIR because they wanted to bank cap space and
  8. There's no bankable cap space in LTIR. LTIR is a mechanism that allows a team to exceed the maximum cap of 81.5M up to the cap hit of the player on LTIR - ie here 85M. The amount they exceed the cap by will fluctuate daily based on the needs. The regular roster still has to be under 81.5M. It doesn't create bankable cap space. If the regular roster for the day is 80M, then the team can exceed the cap by 2M as that's the amount they need to remain cap compliant. If they are at 81M, then they'll exceed the cap by 3M. Etc. Any unused space to the 85M is forfeit
  9. It's a surgery that has never been performed before on an NHLer and Buffalo is not comfortable with it.
  10. There's a formal process that is in the CBA. Beat writer John Vogel says that the NHLPA can file on his behalf a complaint regarding the violation of the standard of care to the NHL/NHLPA Joint Health and Safety Committee.
  11. With Abbotsford so near maybe they operate with a roster of 20 or 21 players and just bring up guys for road trips. They can even demote players on days off to bank even more cap space. There was a year where they kept Dorsett on IR rather than use LTIR. I am guessing about 17M for Dickinson, Pettersson and Hughes and going with a roster of 21. CapFriendly shows 14M with a roster of 22. Hunt and Juolevi are give or take within 200K. Demoting 4 forwards at circa 750K adds 3M so 17M for the 3. If they want to cover Halak's bonus entirely they need to bank 1.5M by sea
  12. Schneider is apparently off limits in an Eichel trade. Friedman says Buffalo wants either Schneider or Lundqvist as part of the package and NYR don't want to go there. So if they won't trade Schneider for a top end C1 that they really want it's probably not likely that they would for Juolevi.
  13. Not from the Rangers side after Dolan complained that they weren't tough enough. It's the reason Gorton lost his job. He didn't like the construction of the team that was too focused on talent - felt they had plenty of talent but that it wasn't the right mix to win a Cup and they needed guys to stick up for each other. https://nypost.com/2021/05/06/james-dolan-chris-drury-the-right-guy-to-lead-the-rangers/ “I saw a weakness in the team that was not being addressed and I knew it needed to be,” Dolan told The Post during a telephone interview on Thursday in explaining why he d
  14. LTIR is a negative. It has cost Vancouver cap space and created bonus overages. When not in LTIR, each day a team is under the cap they put that cap space aside and can use it in the future to pay bonuses, add at the deadline. In LTIR that space is forfeited - that cap space can't be banked for future use. Even if they only need 2M of Ferland's 3.5M LTIR cap space - the 1.5M difference will be lost because it's LTIR cap space. Without his LTIR contract that 1.5M would be banked and used to pay the bonuses or add at the deadline. Being in LTIR is why Vancouver
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