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  1. Thank you for the mention!! I would like to play again the future, but I will pick a time when life isn't so hectic so I can invest more time. Thank you Bluejay for letting me play and thank you everyone for welcoming me into mafia! My cherry is officially popped!!
  2. I'm just stealing LL GIF It feels like people are just commenting to keep game going. There appears to be the obvious mafia. But comments had slowed the other night. Maybe because lack of comments from myself and others, which made other players think there wasn't any commitment to the game.
  3. I know I'm new to this but this seems a little suspicious.
  4. It doesn't matter how much money you make, it's not worth your happiness or sanity.
  5. First time playing mafia. Just sittin back and taking it in, before I make a move.
  6. It must be nice to have a slacker job that enables you to play games all day
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