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  1. I'll play if Aladeen plays. I've given up on the Whale
  2. Anaheim recalls Detective James Gordon.
  3. Anaheim places a claim on Jason Domic and Wes Elner
  4. Ducks release: Jack Roslovic Oliver Bjorkstrand Jeff Storey Nicholas Kakouras
  5. Ducks waive Nikita Tryamkin and call up Stephen Bjorklund
  6. This is not a ballad. Please redo
  7. Anaheim sends down Stephen Bjorklund
  8. Anaheim places a claim on Jeff Storey
  9. Anaheim places a claim on Dennis Lohmar
  10. Thanks for hosting BK! GG scum
  11. The Anaheim Ducks would like to denounce the comments made by the Pittsburgh GM about our star player, Filip Chytil. Filip has not only been a solid contributor to the league since his arrival (10 straight 20+ goal seasons), but a role model off the ice to the Czech fan base of the Ducks. In no way, shape, or form have we ever considered him a dumb mofo. In addition, we highly recommend anyone with the #1 pick take Andy Annisi with their pick. We will see all you mofos at the draft...mainly the 2030 one because we already traded our lottery pick.
  12. Good Riddance 2029! Anaheim releases: John Carlson Justin Faulk Shane Ghostbear Jake Debrusk See ya