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  1. Yes, let`s ridicule a guy for being small/lean and as a bonus for you he is Swedish. How about that Gretzky guy? Tough guy? Must have been, since he is not european. I actually agree with you on most points, A team will go nowhere in the playoffs without tough and gritty players. Sedins not beating Marchand to a pulp was embarrassing, even if you suck at fighting you have to have some selfrespect and fight in you. Edlers thing looked bad but, he should have handled that better but the whole situation was ridiculous, why would he engage with the other teams best fighter for no reaso
  2. Your hatred of "Swedes" are getting tiresome, blame your stupid Canadian GMs for picking the skilled ones that actually can score over the knuckledragging northamerican plugs you seem to prefer. Why don`t they draft more Ulf Samuelsson`s you think?, there are plenty of thoose in Sweden too, It`s because there is no shortage of those closer by. You would probably hate on Forsberg too if he was a canuck...because he is Swedish. Grow up.
  3. Vancouver is starting to look like a team. I really like Bostons approach to moneymanagement, "sign here if you want to have a chance at the cup every year, sign elsewhere if you want the big money". 9x6 million for Makar is insane, he probably is the best young D in the league but playing with the best line in hockey...I`m pretty sure Heiskanen, Dahlin, Quinn and others would look equally good if they did that. Now the Avs will loose Grubauer or/and Landeskog most likely and become a worse team. Toronto is the worst example, you would think winning a cup means more than
  4. Maybe two chanches on the correct score ? "Canucks 3-2, 3-1" I hit only two correct scores in 56 games, it is really hard to hit those 5 pointers we all want so much. Just a thought.
  5. Well.. that was a close race, Congrats to fijian, well played, but you now have a target on your back. (two time winner? I did not know that. not an easy thing to do). As for excuses I will limit them to blaming myself for not finding out who the starting goalies were before making a prediction. I am however more jealous of Dumbnuck and his topless haircuts than the winner. Thanks again Goalie13 and looking forward to the next season.
  6. Calgary 5-2 Backlund GWG Calgary Boeser last nuck goal Thanks Goalie13 for the effort. Hope to see a post-competition thread where we all (except the one) can make excuses as to why we didn´t win and explain why it was all Greens fault.
  7. Calgary 3-2 Lindholm Vancouver first goal
  8. Edmonton 5-1 Draisaitl Yep, thanks Goalie, this contest turned out to be more exciting than the nucks season, 9 games to go, who will be the grandmaster of predictions? The Rabbit hunt continues.
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