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  1. It doesn´t matter to Hogz which line Green puts him on...He´s always ready.
  2. Just a shoutout to GassyJacks hockeycards....This one on J.T Miller made me laugh, HARD....I can totally see J.T going to Japan after his hockeycareer, bulking up a bit and tossing guys around. Wouldn´t want to be on the redwings knowing this guy is coming to town...
  3. Canucks 4-3 Pettersson GWG Garland Nucks first goal
  4. "Untold - crime & penalties" mobsterhockey documentary, pretty fun watch.
  5. Yes, let`s ridicule a guy for being small/lean and as a bonus for you he is Swedish. How about that Gretzky guy? Tough guy? Must have been, since he is not european. I actually agree with you on most points, A team will go nowhere in the playoffs without tough and gritty players. Sedins not beating Marchand to a pulp was embarrassing, even if you suck at fighting you have to have some selfrespect and fight in you. Edlers thing looked bad but, he should have handled that better but the whole situation was ridiculous, why would he engage with the other teams best fighter for no reason? Petey being bodyslammed, anyone could bodyslam Petey on skates so that was just a lame thing to do but even lamer was the response from his teammates, (of all nationalities) who did nothing. Equally lame is blaming players from a certain country though and it is pretty annoying, As you know europeans are playing on full size ice growing up, so from age 5-18+ they are playing a very different style with much more time and space and less contact than in the very small ice in northamerica, It takes time to adjust to the faster and more physical game. I will not try to "win" this argument because I agree with your main points, just tired of you calling out "Swedes" over and over again, maybe that is what 10+ years of watching the Sedins have done to you ? Speaking of feisty and gritty (not very tough though), I look forward too see a Hogz-Horvat-Garland line.
  6. Your hatred of "Swedes" are getting tiresome, blame your stupid Canadian GMs for picking the skilled ones that actually can score over the knuckledragging northamerican plugs you seem to prefer. Why don`t they draft more Ulf Samuelsson`s you think?, there are plenty of thoose in Sweden too, It`s because there is no shortage of those closer by. You would probably hate on Forsberg too if he was a canuck...because he is Swedish. Grow up.
  7. Vancouver is starting to look like a team. I really like Bostons approach to moneymanagement, "sign here if you want to have a chance at the cup every year, sign elsewhere if you want the big money". 9x6 million for Makar is insane, he probably is the best young D in the league but playing with the best line in hockey...I`m pretty sure Heiskanen, Dahlin, Quinn and others would look equally good if they did that. Now the Avs will loose Grubauer or/and Landeskog most likely and become a worse team. Toronto is the worst example, you would think winning a cup means more than money but that`s probably just me being naive. Would you rather retire a three time champion like Hjalmarsson just did or is it the richest guy who is the winner? I sure would prefer seeing my name on the cup over a couple of more million in the bank. Bridge deals for Quinn and Petey, sensible ones please.
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