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  1. I was busy, I am sorry I didn't show up yesterday like I promised. It was nice to play with everyone, if I am invited I can play again.
  2. I always need night phase to rest and often to focus on other games too, but idk where you found the idea I am upset I am not claiming, i am posting an idea My vote was a conclusion of the fact Bo didn't show up after i pinged him. Your post it's a strech to justify a push. Is this your narrative?
  3. Nice night skipping I am going to work Who showed up after Eod and didn't post before knew that the next phase is day and just one is villager . I will check the thread in 8 hours or so
  4. I didn't know Falcon will post it so I choose the last and the votes
  5. I bet i was here browsing all night, I am phone posting and i let my browser open on this page
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