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  1. I'm not even gonna bother trying to get up to SFU. *goes back to sleep*
  2. lol. The legend of SFU guy lives on.
  3. SFU looks to be in decent shape right now but I really don't want to go up there and end up getting stuck. Damn snow.
  4. okay, snowing much heavier now in Surrey and sticking. *sigh*
  5. It's wet snow in Surrey.. not really sticking, roads are fine.
  6. SFU definitely looks in good shape right now to be open tomorrow. Relax, you have plenty of time.
  7. yayyyyyy SFU guy. *we all applaud*
  8. Snowing harder now here in Surrey. And yeah this SFU guy is actually entertaining for some reason. Is he trying to flag someone down for help or something? He's so insistent on standing out in the snow.
  9. It doesn't surprise me, I've been watching their 7 day forecasts a lot since it started snowing lately, and they're terrible. But they did just change their overnight forecast for Surrey and now also for Burnaby.
  10. As of about 15 mins ago TWN changed their forecast of rain all night in Surrey to snow throughout the night and the morning.
  11. I find that math courses are the ones that get going right from the first lecture, not much else to do in the others, maybe an intro. I think I've learned now to assume "rain/snow mix" on TWN means.. snow.
  12. Hopefully it actually happens this time. I've seen weekly forecasts calling for rain a few times now, it just ended up as snow. :|
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