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  1. I wonder if Virtanen will ever crack the line up again? With the way MacEwen is playing and you can tell that Gaudette plays every shift like its his last, I don't see Virtanen slotting back in anytime soon. Possibly for Roussel?
  2. Canucks needed that one! Would still love to see them clean up on giving the puck away resulting in odd-man breaks. Will haunt them all season against better teams
  3. The decent: Horvat, Hoglander, Juolevi, MacEwen, Virtanen (If you look at him as a bottom 6) The bad: Everyone else Not going to achieve much looking like this.
  4. I hate this. "i feel bad for us" only a COUPLE mistakes? "I am happy for Petey" Shame. Zero fire.
  5. I HATE how they are downplaying their horrendous play. someone show SOME anger and emotion rather than “step in the right direction” that is horse crap. you lost 5-2 and it’s a “step in the right direction”.
  6. I personally would have loved a reaction from a Canuck like Carter Hart tonight: https://twitter.com/bradytrett/status/1353172811515224064?s=21
  7. At this point, we need Rous or Virt to throw their body around and take a penalty. There needs to be some injection of energy into our line up. A fight, a hit, crash the net. Whatever it takes to light a fire under these asses.
  8. We need Schmidt and Hughes to be way better. Everyone is giving Petey a hard time (rightfully so) but where is Hughes? Schmidt has been a turnover machine as well.
  9. Can someone please explain to me how that isn't it a call? I get that he didn't run into Holtby on purpose but the onus is on the player to make an effort to avoid contact. I've seen way less than that and was always a penalty. Im shocked.
  10. LOL THESE COMMENTATORS. Perry penalty "That was a ticky tacky call, probably shouldn't be a tripping" Boeser penalty "That probably could have been high sticking too" WHAT?
  11. Maybe I’m bias but I feel that’s a good hit. drives through chest no? nonetheless, I like it.
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