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  1. I'll run you over. Martell Mallet style.

    now SUCK ME OFF!

  2. You crap in my locker!? AAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA ill fracking kill you. run little guy. run. and i mean run fast. real fast.

  3. thats how i like it ;)

  4. *rubs head*

    good dog!! :)

  5. boats and hoes?

  6. well it appears, that someone is an idiot :P

  7. i. HATE. your. sig/avatar.


  8. Havent started yet.

    And I have English 9 with ms. barnet

    Metalwork 9 with sewell

    infotech with konsmo

    and science with uppal.


  9. Lovin these blogs Kes, almost as much as your Hummer Haha, if you could ever post a picture of it maybe, that would be awesome. Keep on keepin' on man. GO CANUCKS GO!
  10. Flinch!!! I miss you!!!!

  11. Man, I really wanna play you in Halo.. Please, Kes.. Please?
  12. Nice sig, lookin good in the vintage threads ;)

  13. Heh. I am teh pwnzors at socials.

  14. I finally did it!

    I unleashed my innergeek! :)

  15. I love you, in a heterosexual way.

    haha GO CANUCKS GO

  16. Hey, Great job so far this season. Hope the Kanye/Luda concert was a blast, I wanted to go so badly. Just wondering, but.. would you ever give out your XBOX Live account name? So we can all play you online?
  17. Cheeauh.

    Best in the class.

    Kobe Bryant flying across ancient North America was a good storyline i guess.. :)


    28 out of 30.


  19. Bah, I haven't gotten my marks back yet :(