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Status Updates posted by Venom52

  1. WOW did not realize Cory Schneider had that good of a record. That is impressive...

  2. you've got to be kidding me

  3. well its too bad but it looks like your wrong

  4. Lost my wallet that I stole from a guy with a nice sweater @ Empire Field. SHIIIIIIIIIIIIIII

  5. Good thing you switched your name bro lmao

  6. Yup. Wut you gunna do bout it?

  7. plz change your name so i can have it.

  8. 2nd last day of work untill I get to back to my buisiness classes =D


  10. i'll try, but i still have alot of requests i need to fill out.

  11. Very sweet sig man.

  12. leafs are dead

  13. All I want for Easter is for the Canucks to win at least one more game this season! Go Canucks Go! :P

  14. god dam it i hope your right

  15. V That is mighty impressive.

  16. is finding himself working too much this week for his liking! Thought I would work less with the promotion, not more hahah

  17. Just win baby win!

  18. why do you have more posts here than in leaf.com?

  19. What's the point of locking statuses?

  20. Whats with people and locking their comments nowadays?

  21. I'm guessing CBC?

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