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  1. Schenn - Hunt - Poolman Dickinson - Halak Demko Thank me later.
  2. I thought we were all chanting Per Olov Brasar.
  3. Nah scrambles were a minute before the bell rings to go in and some kid just throws all his cards in the air to see people fight over them.
  4. Well you can but the flying skate was the logo on the hockey cards, TV broadcasts and all team promotional materials.
  5. The Canucks logo in 1982 and the preceding few years was the flying skate and it was on the arms.
  6. Gomez really wouldn't be so bad. Two cups and led the league in assists a few years after his rookie season. I might take him over Kovalev when playoffs and character are factored in. Bozek wasn't so bad either. >30 goal rookie and I think he played a role in the Miracle on Manchester. Injuries did him in. Otherwise he was trending toward something like Murray Craven.
  7. Hmmm... There aren't many that spring to mind but... Joe Juneau. Darryl Sutter had 40 goals his first year. Eric Vail. Mikael Renberg. Remember Kjell Dahlin and Warren Young? Or good old Steve Bozek. You could argue Joe Nieuwendyk's rookie season was his best. Or Willi Plett. Or Jason Arnott. Or Sylvain Turgeon and Mark Pavelich, both had three equal years to start and then fell off. It is still definitely the vast minority of rookies though. A bit more common with goalies... Binnington, Raycroft... Barrasso perhaps. And Roger Crozier...won 40 games in his rookie year back when there were no shootouts or three point games and a shorter season. Troy Gamble and Corey Hirsch.
  8. I'm pretty sure the red black and yellow will win playoff series per year with the colors as well. Actually forget per year...in TOTAL. I think the Canucks have won 8 playoff series in ~35 years in blue and green, and 9 playoff series in ~15 years with the flying skate. The difference in playoff success is absurd. Playoff success will always be the gold standard of metrics. As for the others you have cited, well yeah the blue and green have ~35 years and have more of those as would be expected. Given the time differential they should have more of everything but when it comes to playoffs, like I said, the old uniform is pimpslapping it with less than half the time.
  9. Arbitrary math? It's not that difficult to count years and count Cup finals. It's grade two stuff. You are just making up nonsense numbers as a strawman. The other stuff I proposed - cumulative character and results - could well be evaluated somehow and nothing would be as stupid as the word and number salad you just spewed out.
  10. Their best teams by far... If you take the results and cumulative team character wearing blue and green divided by 35, and then the results and cumulative character wearing black red yellow and divide by 15, I'm going with black red yellow. In over twice the time, half the Cup finals. I would not say at all that the Canucks have had by far their best teams in blue and green.
  11. The Canucks have been around for over 50 years. They had the flying skate logo for around 15 of those years, less than a third of it, but had 2 of their 3 trips to the Cup Final wearing it. There was little reason to change it and I don't think people who actually like it will start complaining about it if they get it.
  12. I think it was 11-0. At least Jeff Reese didn't pull a Patrick Roy and say he was never playing for the Flames again. Not that management would have cared too much...
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