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  1. I guess I liked when the forum was renamed to Sam Bennett is 18 Talk.
  2. The legend Tom Larscheid got fired after 30 years or whatever for criticizing the team...by a GM who was shortly fired thereafter himself. Controlling the message should be an obsession for the likes of Stalin and Pol Pot...not hockey teams.
  3. Been some good talks. Glad you and a few others around these here parts felt like talking or hearing about Mel Bridgman, Richard Brodeur, Doug Lidster, Hakan Loob, Mike Liut, Dave Babych, John Tonelli and all those other old dogs. I guess 187 lb Enforcers knew what he was doing and left before the bar closed.
  4. Yeah Clancy Brown and Martin Kove (the evil bastards from Highlander and The Karate Kid) are great guys.
  5. Great movie. Henry Fonda tells some great stories about how he showed up trying to look all stereotypically gruff and scary and Leone was like no man...I want the camera to move in on you and the audience sees it was blue eyed Henry Fonda who just killed that whole family.
  6. Maybe the best boxing I have seen in a movie to that point. You could tell he knew how to fight for real. Some of the hooks were kind of swatty but I think that was for Hollywood. Came across as a guy that had been there. The original Death Wish is a massively underrated film.
  7. The 70s brought in a sort of realism. Guys like Dustin Hoffman weren't smoothies or studs. They weren't off putting to see on screen but they were about vulnerability. As was the case with Pacino, Stallone and many others. Harrison Ford was something of a return to the Cary Grant or Gregory Peck type. John Wayne and Charlton Heston...their style of acting became mostly dated when the new breed came in. Not many actors of their approximate age were doing it as naturalistically as the new guys. Marlon Brando, Rod Steiger, Lee Strasberg... Heston and Wayne did have some good performances but something like the True Grit remake compared to the original kind of showed how acting had evolved. I would say only Robert Duvall in the original was on par with the performance in the remake.
  8. That era...actors who established themselves in the 70s is a murderers' row that is like the Hawerchuk / Stastny / Savard / Coffey / Bourque talk of the 80s. Dustin Hoffman, Warren Beatty, Harvey Keitel, Julie Christie, Diane Keaton, Michael Douglas, Alan Arkin, Christopher Walken, Donald Sutherland, Maximilian Schell, Martin Sheen, Anthony Hopkins, etc. Williams was a shade younger...kind of a half generation younger like Michelle Pfeiffer or Michael Keaton but going head to head with most of those actors at the height of their powers in the 80s and 90s.
  9. Kurtenbach was the king of the late bloomers. Hit his stride for the first time at age 34 with the Canucks. Goes to show some guys just need the opportunity to be the man.
  10. Ron Delorme, Mel Bridgman, Craig Coxe, Ron Stern, Jerry Korab, Shawn Antoski...
  11. Canucks had the toughest regulars of all time and the toughest cups of coffee (Glen Cochrane, Randy Holt, Troy Crowder...).
  12. Man Billy Smith was a hell of a goalie but I still get a little mad when I think of him slashing Smyl in the face for no reason near the end of game 4 of the 82 final just for the damn hell of it.
  13. I hope so but Alain Vigneault was a hell of a tough player. Known as Bam Bam in his playing days. And it was under his watch that everybody sat around and let Brad Marchand slap Daniel Sedin around like a speed bag. I think Tocchet will have them playing close to as tough as they can though.
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