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  1. He had a pretty good/convincing win....a bit of a stumble, but regained control and took it back. His mental game is getting stronger as he doesn't unravel when he's ahead but starts to lose ground. He's very composed, albeit, also very emotionally charged.
  2. Back on topic. Actually, forget it...we'll take a time out on this thread as it's becoming anything but a good discussion.
  3. Didn't read beyond this. All that matters...people making stuff up.
  4. Excuse me? When we're talking about someone's fitness level and they're obese, it's perfectly ok to bring that into the discussion in relation to health risks associated with that. Damn right it's ok.
  5. Have you heard Trump? Seen him? It's obvious that one's "fitter" than the other. In every regard. Trump doesn't make a complete sentence...but usually strings together about 30 in a stream of thought that comes out like it was poured right out of the magic bullet. Biden's a mere 3 years older than Trump, in much better physical shape (actually works out...doesn't smoke/drink/etc.). Trump, on the other hand is likely in need of a fitness program to ensure, in his 70's, that his life isn't cut short due to his poor health choices.
  6. So where is the proof of "deteriorating mental health"? Or did you make that up? Because and, again, surgery to repair a brain aneurysm does not leave residue or "deteriorating mental health". So what are you referencing? And you're so wrong....obesity poses NUMEROUS health risks.
  7. Trump paid $750 and cites the fact that his businesses are losing money and he is in great debt. So is that someone equipped to run a country then? If his own ventures are failing should he be trusted to look after everyone's interests? Can't have his cake and eat it too (although he probably already ate the whole damn cake). Either he isn't being truthful and will be found out: or he's a terrible decision maker/business man. Either way, not sure he's the right guy for the job.
  8. Facts: Biden, a 77 year old who had "brain surgery" repair aneurysms over 30 years ago! I know a lot about Mom and Dad had them. This is a huge bring them up like they pose a real threat/issue. People who have undetected aneurysms are at risk...but fixing them means...they're fixed. And can be monitored and attended to if any changes occur : j5EQzueoad.pdf And Cheesburger Don? It's obvious to see he's obese and his eating habits, alone, are likely more dangerous than anything Joe's at risk of:
  9. I don't know that you're offering a whole lot here to the discussion.
  10. Thank you. It's fragmented. And his "go to" is to divert FROM the topic and rally the crowd with little more than "rahrahrah". He is a mess. He rarely makes a point and it's mostly just like an acceptance speech at the Emmy's and nothing much of substance or content.
  11. He is NOT speaking properly...he can barely form sentences at times. Rambling. Oblivious is right.
  12. Shap's playing Simon right now on TSN4? 5? Up a set, currently in the second.
  13. To some degree....they did have 5 top ten picks in 6 years, including a #1 & #2 back to back...helps with the odds to have top picks, especially in succession where guys will be ready to play around the same time. So you have to factor in draft depth and drafting order/number of picks as part of that. They also did pick up players and it's a fine balance to get it right. Overall, I don't disagree with you but it's simply not that simple. Goaltending also is HUGE in playoffs...overall health, although they didn't have Stamkos so that shows how depth comes into play. But there's no formula that's guaranteed...while drafting and "patience" is advisable ... many picks don't pan out like they're expected to so you have to be adaptable and have plan B's in place. Tweaks and balances are part of the recipe along the way...not just add picks and let rise.
  15. So those slamming Green for playing Marky? What about Tampa's use of Vasilevskiy?
  16. This really WAS a huge have to stay in the bubble and motivated throughout it all. Knowing that the outside world where family and friends were was off limits. I hate that it's ending because, well, what's next? But what a great playoffs it was...considering all the tentativeness and naysayers who didn't think it would get done.
  17. I think you are looking for blame here but bottom line is the lack of speed/pressure was not a coaching issue, the team was beat up and gassed...plain and simple. They left it all on the ice the game prior and just didn't have anything left in the tank. Doesn't matter who would have been coaching...was just how it was. They still managed to "hang in" and almost take it and it was, indeed, a bit of rope a dope. Green did a fantastic job.