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  1. Who were you referring to? Luke is 6'2"
  2. I disagree re getting rid of him. We don't want everyone to be nicey nice...it needs to be balanced out and Miller has a don't give a [hoot] attitude because he is emotionally engaged in games. Sure, he checks out at times momentarily when he's ticked off but, like someone else said, it's the same kind of heart and soul all in that Kes had. He wants to win, badly. He hates losing. That's something we really need, even if it isn't always nice and fluffy. Miserable SOB's are desperately needed on this team. Nice guys finish last. He's our second in line points ge
  3. Once upon a time there was a nice team called the Canucks who were cursed with bad luck..... On a serious note, that would be great.
  4. Karma: I was just poopoo'ing the pain involved with a nail smash last game (?) Just dropped a rock solid container from the freezer directly onto my bare toes....middle toe that's been broken before. Nail is blue. That'll teach me.
  5. He's hosting The Junos. Beer beer beer beer Beer beer beer beer Won't somebody buy me a beer Something like that. A hit.
  6. LOL I was lost. Commenting on the game in the hospital shortage thread. What a wonderful time of the year.
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