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  1. flyers fan who signed up for his own blog, not "philly media."
  2. geez, marcel goc ... there's a name I haven't thought about in a looooong time. I haven't seen enough of stenlund to get a read, but your description sounds like sammy pahlsson. accurate?
  3. yeah, that's a team that doesn't look like it can be turned around quick.
  4. normally when people make these kinds of comparisons I feel like they must suffer from face blindness, but this one is right on the money.
  5. yikes. a borderline nhl player used the canucks as leverage for a better khl deal. that's all. he wants to stay in russia. he will never come over.
  6. to add to this, I'd also argue that it's easier for a team defensively, over a 7 game series, to adapt and shut down a more-or-less static system like a powerplay than it is to adapt and shut down a free-flowing, 5-on-5 game of odd man rushes, cycling, turnovers, and forechecking.
  7. I dunno man, I'm all for discussion and even arguments, but it just seems like you're always on the negative, critical, fear-mongering, sky-is-falling, everything is bad side of things. I can respect wanting to be objective (though I don't agree with you that you are, and therein lies the paradox), but the occasional optimistic outlook makes the bitter medicine easier to swallow.
  8. just because something is possible doesn't mean it's worth talking about. benning could cram jp barry into the trunk of his car and back it into english bay, but it's so unlikely that it's just not worth mentioning. just like petey signing an offer sheet.
  9. why not point out the possibility that he gets bowel cancer or a meteor takes us all out before he plays another game?
  10. if pettersson genuinely wants to be in vancouver, he's not going to strategically choose to sign a deal that makes him bank but cripples his team, forcing them to move other important pieces and/or preventing them from improving. if he signs an offer sheet, it would have to be one that he believes the team won't match. nobody wants to play for a team that can't afford to be competitive.
  11. I'd say it's equally likely that he comes down with a terminal case of flesh-eating disease this offseason as it is he signs an offer sheet with the division rival down the highway.
  12. I imagine what this means is jp barry and his team view petey as the likelier of the two to significantly increase his value.
  13. I like the subtle nod to the fact that fans and media demanded blood, any blood, and his was the easiest to spill.
  14. without listening to the interview, I wonder if he meant petey AND quinn, as in it is possible to give a long term deal to one of them, but not both?
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