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  1. unless you think the coaching staff's strategy is "have your two best players play like they spent the offseason developing serious heroin habits" I'm pretty sure it's not a coaching issue.
  2. they look like a team that knows they can't overcome their offseason losses. spirits are broken.
  3. it's also not close to good enough for the nhl, but I'm willing to give him time.
  4. he's definitely been one of the team's worst players so far this year. hughes too, despite the points, imo. both look like they forgot how to skate, stickhandle and pass.
  5. toffoli would be the 3rd best winger on the team with about 20000 miles between him and the 4th best.
  6. yeah, as someone who hasn't watched him closely in his career, I was wondering if there comes a point in the season where he starts to look like an nhl player, or ... ?
  7. adjusting to a new team from the opposite conference without a preseason. give it some time.
  8. I would be happy like when they got rid of jordan subban, another player who generated far more consternation than he was worth.
  9. yup. even worse was that at the beginning of the play, holtby had the puck and was waiting for the defencemen to regroup, but jake hollered for the puck at the opposing blue line and holtby made the pass. jake realized he had absolutely nothing so he dumped it in and changed. total bonehead play.
  10. if you were a fan between 2006 and 2010 or so, you'd find it hard to disagree. he was booed incessantly in vancouver during that span.
  11. that's not what that article said. it said he was one of the most hated canucks. those are 2 separate and distinct things.