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  1. Devoted

    Tate Olson | D

    I love the optimism, and I actually like the pick myself.. but its still a seventh round pick. I won't be counting on him developing into a great player because so very few players taken in the later rounds become even 'decent' players by NHL standards (100+ career NHL games). I will however pay attention to his development and hope to see positive steps and maybe one day he'll progress into an NHL player. Counting on greatness from any newly drafted player is high hopes.. counting on greatness from a seventh rounder is setting yourself up for disappointment.
  2. I'd say thats about right. To make the playoffs, they'll need solid goaltending, secondary scoring and some good health luck. To fall down to 12th, shaky goaltending and little secondary scoring.
  3. Devoted

    Tate Olson | D

    Edit* Fixed that for yah A yeah my bad.. what were we thinking.
  4. Devoted

    Tate Olson | D

    Chris Pronger was drafted in 1993.. since then, many, many, many defensemen have been drafted with far superior skills than Tate Olsen and not a single one has turned into the next Pronger. Temper expectations. Especially with a 7th rounder
  5. I'm confused why most people think the Canucks would pay him anything close to 2 million. 1 year 1.1-1.3 million seems awfully fair for a guy who hasn't established a NHL roster spot before.
  6. Devoted

    Cole Cassels | C

    Shinkaruk is listed as 5'11 and usually around 175-180. Bjorkstrand is listed at 6'0 and 175. Both weighed around 5-10lbs less at the pre-draft combine. Very similar sized forwards.
  7. Devoted

    Cole Cassels | C

    To the majority of people who saw Cole play in the Mem Cup and were concerned about his foot speed, acceleration and top-end speed.. its now been documented that he has been dealing with an abdominal issue for months. An injury like that will hinder even the best of skaters and leave them looking slow and lethargic. I still believe that he needs to work on those three areas of his overall skating, but having seen him play earlier in the season and in season's past, I believe he is a better skater than what we saw during Oshawa's playoff run. Heart and soul type player with top-9 upside.
  8. Project 19 year old. Second go around in the draft.
  9. Very pleased! Pure goal scorer Welcome to the west coast Brock
  10. Little article on Hockey Future's about Jake.. Nothing we don't already know, but good to see some positivity surrounding this kid. Photo: Utica Comets forward and Vancouver Canucks prospect Jake Virtanen had a busy 2014-15 season with a stop in the WHL, a gold medal win at the 2015 World Juniors, and his first pro action in the AHL (courtesy of Fred Kfoury III/Icon Sportswire) When Jake Virtanen arrived in Utica after his WHL playoff run with the Calgary Hitmen came to an end, he was expecting to come in and practice with the Vancouver Canucks‘ top minor league affiliate, the Utic
  11. Carolina will take Hanifin and run if given the opportunity. Now if someone dangle a real pretty prospect/young player and their quality 1st then Carolina may listen. I don't think Lack + 23 + prospects will get us there. They'd want Virtanen+23 or Horvat. Non-starters at this point.
  12. Back to Calgary to find the dynamic scoring touch that we need out of this player. He will be THE guy for the Hitmen next year, a top 6 forward with Team Canada and hopefully another chance to suit up for Utica as they prepare for another deep Calder Cup run. Playing in the NHL next year would obviously help him get used to the speed and structure of the pro game as well as the benefits of practicing with NHL'ers everyday, but playing 8-10 minutes a night on the 4th line would likely be detrimental to his offensive skills and his overall development. Go back, pop 40 goals, 1.2-1.4 ppg
  13. I feel the same way. Give the kid two years of pro hockey before setting a limit on him. By that time we should all have a fairly good idea of what type of player they'll be. Not assured of course, but at least a decent sample size to assess.
  14. Keeping with the theme that we all hope/pray/are sacrificing small animals for the right to gain an extra pick or two in the top 50.. I will share my wish list.. At 23, one of: Boeser, Svechnikov, White or another top forward faller And then I want Dunn in the second. Nothing too fancy here, just a potential impact forward and go big on a guy who may one day have the skills to run a PP and drive possession from the backend. Easy right?
  15. I like Eriksson-Ek a lot myself. Very heady 2-way player with obvious offensive gifts that should develop nicely. I have him going before 23 on my list, but it's wide open in the 15-25 range. I'm a big fan of Boeser as well. Fills a organizational need and if he's available at 23, I believe he'd be the best player available.
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