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Status Updates posted by Mr.DirtyDangles

  1. What a game last night :) We really had some flashes of brilliance early, lets hope AV can figure out the counter attack for the other teams and get this train a rollin'

  2. What a game ! A few more games like that from Corey and we may have a controversy brewing on our hands. COuld be worse , we could have no top goalies fighting for the spot . i bet it spurs the team on to greater things :)

  3. Booth will get his sooner or later > with the way he is driving to the net he will inspire everyone on a line with him . Lovin' what I see right now :)

  4. Looks like cooler heads prevail again huh Joe :) Corey is lookin to steal Lou's job I reckon' fine with me if the boys play like that in front of him . Great effort from all lines tonight :) Cheers buddy .

  5. oh man your avatar   : D      straight up truth !

  6. Joe buddy I am raising a glass or two ok maybe three during the Royal bash against the kings . Cheers mate :) How is the snow by the way ?

  7. Agreed the second line should be something to watch tonight. So what is your poison whiskey, beer wine ? All three :) I personally an a whiskey man myself but I think tonight might get a little messy :)

  8. Oh and the snow was a wee sprinkle nothing staying on the roads yet .

  9. The natives are gettin' wrestles around here Joe ! Cary a big stick !

  10. Could your name be anymore true ? :)

  11. Mother nature is layin' it to us good :( Was zero around 3pm and dropped to -15 with the wind chill in about half an hour ! I can only imagine what you guys got ?

  12. So it was -30 with the wind chill 2 days ago and now it is currently +12 ? This city is killing me Joe :( Being east of the Riockies is just hell in winter lol . But at least I can get the last of the yard cleaned up before Mr Frosty hits us again . So any predictions for next game ? I feel Kes is on the verge of 4 or 5 point game :) Lets hope !

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