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  1. I think your just trying to find ways to give reason to put Luo back in net. 2 on and 2 off is an absolutely ridiculous idea.Its never been done and never will sepecialy in the post season come on now... Corey=Glory
  2. what are stats??Its the truth boy and girls....
  3. ace2011

    Realistic Wish List

    I think we should try and get Chris Niel from Ottawa. I think he would be perfect for what the team needs.
  4. yes I could agree with that.I ll take that deal But i dont know how much more he deserves? He already makes around 4 million. Its not like her produces a lot on offence.
  5. Being tough doesnt make you a good fighter.It means you can take a punch. And DOOM DOOM got knocked out this year. A couple times. So get your facts straight before you make wise ass coments that make me think wow. Someone thinks there Einstein.
  6. Im sure the reason isnt hot headedness
  7. If Mike Gillis is smarter then you he won't. The idiot will ask for too much cause he is already over paid. Contract year, CONTRACT YEAR, cOnTrAcT yEaR, Contract year!!!! HMMMMM not signed yet.
  8. Okay ok. He is not going to go to TO. But maybe he can find a good deal on a house in Ottawa for his family? Well sorry if I made anyone upset. But he's just not the type of player I want to hang around.Hes going to slump big time when he gets back from injury too. Well I hope not anyways.But again Im sorry if anyone is mad. I dont intend to do that. So end of story. Unless he is dealt. Then i might just say a few words. But anyways sorry and end of story. But another thing I must get off my chest is Hank Sedin. I think they should be spliting up the twins finally and trade Hank. He is a ver
  9. LOL what ever man. Im sure I'll be thinking of how upset I am for years. Being called a troll is the worst thing that has ever happend :) Maybe you should take up a new hobbie. You take this blogging thing a little too seriously. 800 POSTS!! Are you still a virgin too? Living at home playing video games all the time and watching the hockey games all alone? Maybe you should give this...

  10. aw muffin, someone doesnt like being called a TROLL

  11. Nope nope nope. I already no whats right. So you can give your head a shake. You blind wombat troll!!
  12. get up off Bieska's ding dong loser.I know u want him bad

  13. get up off that pencil eraser Troll

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