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  1. BigLou is a giant flamer

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    2. Gike  Millis

      Gike Millis

      blackhawks2012 is the biggest plug i know!

    3. SpinDrive


      I enjoy the occasional cheddar myself.

    4. Gike  Millis

      Gike Millis

      he got banned lawl

  2. TAMPA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Gike  Millis
    2. :D


      What about it

  3. What's the basis behind wasting another $25M on the Yotes?

    1. Tough As Salo

      Tough As Salo

      Bettman's logic amuses me.

    2. Mr.DirtyDangles


      lmao you used bettman and logic in the same sentence lol :P

  4. can you please post some topics? you are full of hockey knowledge!

  5. LIGHTNING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Bye Bye Boudreau!

    1. Blackhawks2012


      oh and Bye Bye Philly!

  7. Layton2012

    1. The Wizard of AZ

      The Wizard of AZ


      Bleed! Bleed! Orange and Green!

    2. :D


      More like Jack LOLTON

  8. hey friend how ya doing?!?!

  9. Is there any doubt that Pekka Rinne will be a future HOFer?

    1. Venom52


      Has he won anything significant? No. Call me when he wins a Stanley Cup or Olympic Gold or at the very least a Vezina

    2. Shattenkirk's Bald Spot

      Shattenkirk's Bald Spot

      Uh, yes there is a ton of doubt haha. 2 good games after a bad first round in Nashvilles system doesn't even get you moderate HOF consideration. Plus, the dudes what? 25? lol lets wait 15 years.

    3. Blackhawks2012
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