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  1. If Chris Taniv was a Leaf he is a unimous Norris winner

    1. luckylager


      You spelled Tanev correctly...

    2. Beluga Whale

      Beluga Whale

      Lucky I apologize. I hope I have rectified this failure.

  2. The only things that truly annoy me are inactivity and angelshooting/rule breaking. Everything else I can deal with. I cannot stress enough how bad it is for the game if you have players missing entire rounds or only posting once or twice during them.
  3. i.e. what are the things I can incorporate into my game to annoy Belupa next time?
  4. I must pump my own tires to confirm that yes, I did correctly solve it here. SHEEP ME FOOLS
  5. This is the DM redemption arc we've all been waiting for
  6. I do see how it would be really tough to navigate the sheriff stuff with the lack of knowledge.
  7. Send some love to, who took the GK really hard. I want to reiterate that it's not a punishment type thing, but it's simply to re-balance the game once they gained an information advantage fro him quoting a PM.
  8. Well GG I'm glad the game turned out well. A lot of creative roles made this some chaotic fun that we haven't seen successfully done in a while. Epic mafia win of course. AV was red checked and just lived through it. Aladeen willed his reality into the depths of everyone's minds. Truly great stuff. And Bo played great as well. Pretending to talk like different players in the mafia PM to frame them was one of the funniest things I've seen. The win is more impressive considering that you had multiple villagers that basically had most of the game solved. But they were neutralized and unable to have control of the game state. Zfetch deserves acknowledgment for having the wolf team 100% nailed in round 2. And he was confident too. Things are easy in retrospect but that was clearly a bad yeet. If you have a player claiming a mafia peek and it's clear they aren't kidding, you pretty much always want to sort that out if you're close to LYLO. Whether that be yeeting DM or AV. Also what pains me is the lack of consideration for dead villagers. Zfetch died and now you know he's a trusted towny. That means you can consider his opinion as valuable advice. Same with GC and even more so. There's a reason they were targeted by the wolves - find that reason.