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  1. I do have to agree with you. Despite Hogs not putting up points, he is doing alot of other things correctly. He has speed and skills. Give him some time and we'll judge then.
  2. Can you imagine what would happen if we don't have this year's first (with the way it's going) lol.
  3. We all know Marky was the MVP, but damn...This D deployment is such a damn joke.
  4. Hey, they just might. You never know. Chances are though, super unlikely no matter how optimistic you are lol
  5. At this point, I kinda want them to lose 2-10. They seriously need to wake the &^@# up. This is just straight up EMBARRASSING for everyone in the Organization and us fans.
  6. Nothing? What else can tehy say honestly. Who can they point their fingers to, themselves? Coaching?. Whatever it is, it ain't working and with the shortened season, they look like they're done and not interested at all.
  7. This team is done. No fight. No soul. Coaching failing in front of their eyes (no timeout, horrendous D coverage, PK fail, PP fail) .D corp is falling apart. Not sure how they can fix all that.
  8. Man, happy to have the W, but just BARELY. Will enjoy this though. Hopefully this gives them more confidence moving forward.