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Should Nhl Allow Radulov Back This Year?


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With the possibility (rumour) of Radulov returning from the KHL next week, should he be allowed to suit up for Nashville? The rules state that if he returns he MUST go back to the team that owns his rights (Nashville) and serve out his entry level contract. But here's the problem I personally have with that...it's AFTER the trade deadline. So basically Nashville gets their stretch run and playoff team all set, as does all of their competitors in the West except now they get to add a 2nd liner and add depth to their team for under a million bucks, and no other team in competition with them gets afforded the same luxury. I realize he is their property, but I feel with this quality of player their must be some sort of special ruling...in other words they shouldn't be allowed to add this kind of depth player without some consequence. I say EITHER these types of players must report to their NHL team before the deadline, or if he is allowed to report after the deadline then cap space hit should be imposed that would equal what he would be making today if he had fulfilled his original contract (similiar to an arbitration ruling), thereby forcing Nashville to keep somewhat the same quality team by staying under the revised cap figure.

Personally I think Nashville is a contender, but by adding Radulov now they start looking more like a favourite. Let's face it, he ain't plugging away in the minors somewhere, he's been the best player in the world outside the NHL playing against world class talent. So again I feel the penalty for him re-joining Nashville now this late in the season should reflect that.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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