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Eberle Sig - what does it need?

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Yeah I think it needs some lighting. I do like the way you've cut the picture, and you can work from that. Try using a grey soft brush atop of where you want the light and then set that one particular layer on screen or color dodge. Then once you've gotten basic lighting, you could play around with different kinds of colours to add some sort of unity.

Another thing to think about is when you're working with texture layers, make sure you think about how it could affect the entire image - for example, right now it looks a little muddled on the whole. I'd suggest erasing some of the texture here and there (i.e. on the render and/or on the focal point which I'd assume is the puck?). You could duplicate the texture first, then hide one and start playing with the other - that way if you don't like what you've done you can always start over.

The text also doesn't look like it quite fits, but I often find text is the hardest part to master :) It just takes a lot of time and downloading a bunch of different fonts to suit your liking. Good luck!

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