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  1. Ducks Activate Marcus Foligo and Martin Frk Ducks send down John Hayden (no waivers after TDL right)?
  2. I don't see why the Devils would move Bratt in this type of deal, or at all really. That player is a huge part of their top 6 moving forward, his responsible defensive play should help anchor Hughes.
  3. Canucks COVID outbreak spells disaster for my playoff chances. I bet big on them this off season.
  4. I can confirm the teacher who was stabbed in the neck is alive and doing OK.
  5. I live across the street from this... Work in the mall where it happened. Any other day and I'd have been right there. Can't believe something like this could happen in my community.
  6. ^quick math says I should be OK, but if not keep Erne down.
  7. Anaheim Ducks Transactions: Activate Tyler Motte from LTIR Place Nathan Beaulieu on LTIR via https://illegalcurve.com/winnipeg-jets-injury-update-nathan-beaulieu-is-gonna-be-out-weeks-being-placed-on-ir/ Place Marcus Foligno on LTIR via https://www.cbssports.com/fantasy/hockey/news/wilds-marcus-foligno-weeks-away-from-return/ Recall Adam Erne Recall Jacob Bryson
  8. Good rally for the Ducks in early March. Keeping pace with the division's top teams now that we're relatively healthy. Glad to see Chytil and Kakko making an impact in their respective returns.
  9. Brutal.... Kupari suiting up tonight on ELC slide. Could really use some forward production right now... Guess we're just waiting on Motte or Frk to come back. Seems like Frost is done for the year.
  10. Does Xavier still have it? Would like to stay in Montreal but they don't seem to be playing me very much.
  11. Islanders: 0 playoff rounds won Dead
  12. Waivers sounds fine. Cheers Nail. Sorry for the inactivity lately been a busy time. Waivers: Ducks place Adam Erne on waivers.
  13. Activate Alex Stalock Waive Aaron Dell Tyler Motte -> LTIR https://www.cbssports.com/nhl/players/playerpage/2265497/tyler-motte Send down Kyle Capobianco Send down Adam Erne Activate Filip Chytil should be compliant?
  14. Edmonton sucks in the playoffs!! Is there any chance we compete for a cup in the near future?
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