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  1. So we gonna wait for an official ruling from pickup to call that one or can I go ahead and congratulate @D-Money on the championship?
  2. Also in the 1 pick club.... Hopefully Grans is a good one?
  3. Don't think anyone is giving you a 1st round pick for Loui Eriksson lol
  4. Jake got the flu near Ottawa and had to take a few days off, but as of yesterday he has made it to Ste. Croix, Quebec. He has raised a total of $18,835 for Leukemia research and $4230 for the COVID relief fund. You can catch a recent interview with him here:
  5. Felt bad for doing it to Kreider... Glad someone else is doing the same thing.
  6. Good luck Sane.... Take the BOYS to the cup
  7. Kreider's stay in Anaheim may have been short lived after all...
  8. Not what we went into the day looking to do, but when a player like Chris Kreider becomes available we believe its worth an offseason pivot.
  9. Going to take offers for my two upcoming 3rds, 71 and 76. Would like to get NHL defenceman in return on a lower cost contract.
  10. When nail hits you with those Friday night sims....
  11. This is sad. Hate seeing club legends finish their career with 1 or 2 seasons on a different team.
  12. my pick is IN... nail's inbox.