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  1. This looks like a pretty good deal. Grzelcyk is a hell of a decent defenseman.
  2. Uhh because he's the captain, who acts as a liason between players and coaching/management? Normally players are informed when a rebuild starts.
  3. Wtf you still exist

  4. Anaheim waives Curtis McElhinney
  5. This is the type of deal that only a GM with the reputation of Doug Wilson could have pulled off. Labanc was willing to trust him based off the way he has handled Thornton's 'backdiving' contract of 8 -> 5 -> 2 -> whatever he gets this year. Its circumvention sure but likely there's not much the league can do about it with the rules as written.
  6. Stop trying to make beating Vintage Canuck happen... It isn't gonna happen!
  7. Curtis McElhinney available for a 5th in 2021 or 2022
  8. Guess I was wrong lol. Definitely would have rather seen the Leafs pay Tanev 4.5*4 rather than Brodie.
  9. Damn Calgary really putting the screws to Canucks fans.
  10. Fair enough I guess I didn't pick up on that. I can see that maybe happening for Barrie as he needs a bounce back year but I doubt Tanev, coming off a career season, and signing what is likely his last NHL contract, would take a significant pay cut.
  11. I might be out of touch but I feel like the Brodie contract puts the value of Tanev and Barrie at closer to or over 5,000,000
  12. This would probably be the most expensive defence in the league bar maybe San Jose. Don't see how Vancouver pulls this off as nice as it would be.
  13. Goes to show that players really should just demand an NMC Brisebois losing a blackberry for this one...
  14. Probably could have got a 7 year deal this time last year. Timing sucks for him.