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Mason raymond

I dont get why people always hate on him. He's a good skater can shoot the puck pretty hard decent passer. I think we should start him on the second line with booth and kesler and if he gets more than 15 points in 22 games keep him there but if he gets less put him on the third line. And if does good maybe even put him on the sedins line

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To the OP: Please use a more descriptive title for your threads, using symbols only gives no indication as to what the thread is about and is really just spam. This topic really has been discussed to death, but if a properly formatted thread with some sort of new angle on it was opened that would be fine.

To the posters of this thread: consider this an informal warning for spamming/derailing a thread, if you do so again in the future a warning will be added to your account.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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