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Shaw DVR - buzzing noise?

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So I've had some weird stuff going on with my shaw cable the past couple days. 2 days ago, while watching tv, it goes black showing "no signal" but could hear the audio....after unplugging and replugging back in the PVR (Pace - btw Pace is nothing short of rubbish dvr garbage, nothing but problems)my HDD expander (WD) starts buzzing with a series of noises.

Next day, I'm watching my tv and notice the DVR won't access my recordings (press LIST) and won't pause live tv. I call Shaw, and apparently there were network issues but they said it had nothing to do with it. The expander itself is not even 12-16 months old, never had a problem with it, and after tech support (forcing shut off/shut on) still doesn't work and still hear series of beeping noises.

Interestingly while there's been service issues, Shaw mentions "well we have a new HD expander you can purchase!" - if it somehow is their fault, they should replace my expander....anyone else have this happen to them/solutions to fix? I can't believe my expander is toast (could conceive my PACE box refuses to read it...wouldn't surprise me how junky the box is).

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Did you open things up to see what is really going on?

This could indicate a serious problem...


Check out this thread at the Shaw support forum:


OTOH could have gone with Telus... if there is ever a hint of hardware problem they swap out the components for new and offer upgrades free of charge.

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LOL if that were only true. They were arguing that my computer was the problem and not their components when I phoned to say my internet was down. They argued for so long and wouldn't send a tech out so I went with shaw who came out and fixed the problem in 10 minutes. Guess what, wasn't my computer.

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