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2013 NHL Preview (TSN)


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TSN put up a run down of all the teams and it's pretty interesting to catch up on what has happened that you missed or forgot about.


So what are you looking forward to this year?

For me:

The NYR vs PIT games should be great. The Rangers seem to be stronger in many ways but not down the middle, and when you have a healthy Crosby and Malkin it can make up for a lot of disadvantages.

Can the Islanders finally start to benefit from all the great prospects they have. It can be hard to go from loser to regular playoff team but Tavares may be the leader that finally helps the Islanders do that. They are still pretty young so next year might be more realistic but it seems like they are headed in the right direction with Tavares who looks to have the kind of winners mentality that can turn franchises around but he can't do it alone.

Can Jordan Staal be the elite 1st line centre now that he gets top line minutes?

Wlii The Winnipeg crowd be as good as last year?

Calgary have way more skill in their line up, should be some good games between them and VAN and EDM. We all know about EDM.

Can DET defence get it done.

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