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How to signal on a roundabout/traffic circle/ hand signal for "slow"/ Class 7N road test questions?

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More specifically:

Which signal do you turn for turning right, left and straight through. My instructor said right for right, left for left, and none for straight though. When I watched one of those road tip videos from ICBC, it says to always turn your right signal before the direction you wanna go in. I found this difficult when going straight and left, because the right turn signal wouldn't last very long until it turned off since I'm continuously turning in a small residential roundabout. When I did my test, I got a point taken off for properly signalling for a left turn. I'm not sure if it's because I didn't turn the left signal before entering, or not having better control of the right turn signal as I was approaching the left turn.

What's the hand signal for slow?

Any tips or routes for a Class 7N road test in North Vancouver? What's the difference in the summer? Is it better to take the test in the morning or afternoon, specifically which times do you think are the best?

Thank you!

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