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We know too much


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With all this social media and acces to peoples lives it is crazy how people think they are entitled to stick their nose into peoples business so much.

We dont usually go around the office or work sit and ask "How much money do you make in a year.?" Is your wife okay with you working here?

Why do we have to know how much money people make? Why do we need to know the terms of peoples contracts?

This is getting out of hand.Luongo is a human being and craps in the toilet just like everyone else.He also has a family that i am sure is more of a priority than the Vancouver Canucks or its fans. If he wanted to put his family first and move to Florida there is NOTHING wrong with that.

He was told he wasnt going to be the starter going forward. He stepped aside.He had to change his LIFE plans.That is kind of an important factor wouldnt you all agree?LIFE plans.

Salary,Contracts are not our business yet half the donkeys here just gotta comment and act like it is. I dont need to know all the staffs salary at Cactus Club when i go for dinner. How much the gas jockey makes doesnt decide whether i buy gas there.

I have been a fan of the Canucks for over 30 years. I enjoy the game. I have plenty of stress in my life. I dont need to be watching a game and discussing salary of the players. The salaries are high in the NHL.I think people whining about how much people make is jealously.Hell im jealous.But it is not our concern.We arent gonna change it.

People say Suck it up Luongo you make tons of money.

Well folks if your boss demotes you after promoting you and tries to get rid of you i guarantee you wouldnt stick around too long. You would be looking elsewhere.Well ,anyone with any pride!!!!!

Either way as a fan i hope Luongo does well and stays but If he leaves i wish him well and understand.

After all it is his decision not ours.He owes us no explanation.

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