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Kesler Vs Baby Dragon?


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Mods please move if thread is in the wrong place...

Was reading Botchfords piece on last nights game (there is a 1st time for everything I guess), and he referenced a feud between Kesler and the Baby Dragon on the TEAM. I get that the Boat Captain is Sekeres, but is the Baby D Price?

Luongo made a little crack about it at the end of the interview.

Anyone know where this name comes from? I listen to them quite a bit, and have never heard anything about this.

Just curious.

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Here is a good rule - try not give up the best player in a trade

Definetely do not give up the best player in the trade if no one you are receiving will ever be close to the player you are trading.

Kadri, Gardiner, mid round 1st in a shallow draft - gross

Nonis would do this in a second and laugh laugh laff his head off the whole time

Can you imagine how much of a wrecking ball kesler would be in the less physical more wide open eastern conference?

He would be a top 4 centerman in that conference, what can we say about kadri? - best case he is a average 2C in his career, Gardiner? best case he is an average top 3 d man and maybe can help us get J schults to come be an average top 4 d man alongside him???


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