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[Proposal] Edler & Kes Trade

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Yup, MORE speculating. :)


To Pit: Kesler

To Van: Maata, Despres/Dumolin and 1st/2nd


To Det: Kesler

To Van: Tatar, Nyquist and Quincy (if need 4 the cap)


To TBL: Kesler

To Van: Namestinakov, Erne and 1st/2nd

These are long shots but could work, reason philly isnt on here is because brayden is on philly to play w/ luke and coutrier isnt 4 sale.


To Ott: Edler

To Van: Lazar, Puempel and 2nd/3rd

To Det: Edler and

To Van: Nyquist/Tatar, Quincy (if needed 4 the cap) and 1st/2nd

To TBL: Edler and 3rd

To Van: Namestinakov, Erne

Again, probably longshots w/ all except for Ottawa one because Edler played w/ Karlsson


To Ott: Kesler, Edler and Hansen/Shroeder/Weber/Diaz/Stanton

To Van: Lazar, Ceci, Puempel and Zibaneged

This one would be AMAZING.


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Pitt says no, they are not going to trade Matta+ for Kesler

Det says no, they aren't going to trade Nyquist or Tatar, especially not as a package for Kesler

Van says no and I'm not even sure that TB would accept that one


Ott says no, Lazar is going to be one of their best players in the future

Det says no, once again they won't trade Nyquist or Tatar

TB probably won't accept, they really don't have a huge need for Edler


Ottawa laughs and hangs up

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