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Kesler and Edler deals

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I have been thinking about the possible deals that could be made for both players and still cannot come up with the best deal for either, the deals i have come up with are all good in my opinion just dont know which one is the best for each player.....

Edler deals

To Philly Edler + Schroeder for Couturier and a 2nd round pick

To Detroit Edler for Nyquist, mantha, and a 1st round pick

To Anahiem Edler for Etem , one of these players vatanen ,theodore or rakell or a 1st round pick.

Kesler deals

To Philly Kesler for Couturier Simmonds and a 2nd round pick

To Detroit Kesler for Nyquist Manatha 1st round pick and ryan sproul

To Tampa Bay Kesler for Brett Conolly a 1st round pick and ondrej palat

To Pittsburgh Kesler for pouliot or matta along with 1st round pick and bennett

i know people will say these deals are not good enough or just not realistic but i cannot make a decision on which deal would be the best for kesler, for edler i like the philly deal simply because we get couturier who can come in right away and replace kesler.

Feel free to express your opinions ppl :)

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Nope. NONE of the deals would be accepted by the other gm's. You overvauled both of them. Edler is garbage, Kesler is injury prone and they're both slowly regressing as players.

If I had to pick 1 realistic deal for Kes, it would be the one to Pit. For Edler the most realistic is Philly but that is a stretch also.

I think this could work:

To Pit: Kesler

To Van: Pouliot, Sutter and 1st


To Ott: Edler

To Van: Puemple, Stone and 2015 1st

Btw, get ready to be b****** at by elvis15 if he sees your post.

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ahah thanks for the input i do believe we could get alot for kes though he was a hot commodity at deadline

But not THAT much.

Detroit wouldn't even give us Mantha for him.

Philly probably thinks Couturier is better NOW then Kesler if not now, he'll definatly be better in a couple of years

Tampa one would have a shot but they they need a playmaking winger for #91 and not a 2way fwd

The Pit one is the only reasonable one; if you take out Bennett and replace him w/ Sutter

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