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Keeping Schroeder and Moving Him to #2?

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Just a thought, and I am sure there will be alot of flaming but so be it.

I like Schroeder as a player, yes undersized, but see's the ice very well, great speed and can handle the size in the league.

That being said, this year everyone was hoping we would show that he was ready to be a full timer but his injuries were a huge set back to that process.

Alot of people are frustrated with him, think he's a bust but like a few players on this team, I do believe he is owed a mulligan given the injuries and inability to get on track because of them. We just haven't seen what the kid is capable of yet and giving up on a player ready to break through who gets injured is the surest way to make mistakes.

So, thoughts would be to sign him to a 1 yr deal and really give him the shot next year that he was to get this year.

If so I actually think he should be slotted in the number 2c role, where he really belongs with Kesler and Kassian.

Kassian and Schroeds have chemistry, we've seen it, and they played together in Winnipeg. Kes needs to play with playmakers

Two big wingers with skill is what Schroeds needs

Is it worth the test, I think so

Sedin Sedin Jensen

Kesler Schroeder Kassian

Higgins Horvat Burrows

Matthias Richardson Santo

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